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Trivia Quiz - Johnny Carson: Personal Life of a Celebrity

What do you know about the personal life of Johnny Carson?

Quiz Number: 3165
Date Submitted: July 22, 2009
Quiz Categories: TV Talk Shows
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Johnny Carson

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Johnny Carson Personal Life of a Celebrity
(Image Source: Johnny Carson @ Ritz Camera)

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1. Johnny Carson was born in Iowa. At age eight, he and his family moved to what state?
  A.   Oklahoma
  B.   South Dakota
  C.   Kansas
  D.   Nebraska

2. As a youngster, Johnny Carson performed magic tricks. What name did he give to himself?
  A.   Carsoni the Magnificent
  B.   The Great Carsoni
  C.   Magic Carsoni
  D.   Professor Carsoni

3. In what branch of the military did Johnny Carson serve?
  A.   Army
  B.   Navy
  C.   Air Force
  D.   Marines

4. From what university did Johnny Carson graduate?
  A.   University of Iowa
  B.   University of Nebraska
  C.   University of Northern Iowa
  D.   Wichita State University

5. Who was Johnny Carson's first wife?
  A.   Alexis Maas
  B.   Joanna Holland
  C.   Joanne Copeland
  D.   Joan "Jody" Wolcott

6. Johnny Carson was an accomplished musician. What instrument did he play?
  A.   drums
  B.   saxophone
  C.   bass guitar
  D.   guitar

7. Who was Johnny Carson's second wife?
  A.   Alexis Maas
  B.   Joanna Holland
  C.   Joanne Copeland
  D.   Joan "Jody" Wolcott

8. How many children did Johnny Carson have?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

9. Johnny Carson married for the third time in 1972. How and when did he announce his marriage to the public?
  A.   during his 45th birthday party on "The Tonight Show"
  B.   during an interview on his honeymoon in Europe
  C.   during an interview with National Lampoon magazine
  D.   during "The Tonight Show's" 10th Anniversary Special

10. Johnny Carson was good friends with what famous astronomer?
  A.   Carl Sagan
  B.   Frank Drake
  C.   William Hartmann
  D.   Donald Menzel®   

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