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Trivia Quiz - Laurel and Hardy: Classic Comedy Duo

What do you know about the great comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy? This is another fine mess you've gotten me in to but we have the best Laurel and Hardy trivia right here!

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Date Submitted: July 06, 2009
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Author: bill
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Laurel and Hardy Classic Comedy Duo
(Image Source: Laurel & Hardy @ Wikimedia Commons)

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1. What was the first short movie in which Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy appeared together(as separated performers)?
  A.   Nuts in May (1917)
  B.   The Lucky Dog (1921)
  C.   The Second Hundred Years (1927)
  D.   Mud and Sand (1922)

2. Which Laurel and Hardy short won an Academy Award?
  A.   The Chimp (1932)
  B.   Hog Wild (1930)
  C.   Be Big (1931)
  D.   The Music Box (1932)

3. What was the first feature film starring Laurel and Hardy?
  A.   Pack Up Your Troubles
  B.   Sons of the Desert
  C.   Pardon Us
  D.   Babes of Toyland

4. What Laurel and Hardy short was added to the Library of Congress in 1992 as a national treasure?
  A.   The Live Ghost (1934)
  B.   Tit for Tat (1935)
  C.   Big Business (1929)
  D.   Busy Bodies (1933)

5. Laurel and Hardy's famous short films were produced at what studio?
  A.   Hal Roach Studio
  B.   20th Century Fox
  C.   Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  D.   Goldwyn Pictures

6. Laurel and Hardy's famous signature tune was composed by musical director Marvin Hatley and was known by many names. Which one of the following was NOT one of the names?
  A.   The Cuckoo Song
  B.   Ku-Ku
  C.   The Dance of the Cuckoos
  D.   The Cuckoo Waltz

7. Who gave the eulogy for Stan Laurel at his funeral? hint: he was a comedian, friend, protege, and occasional impressionist of Laurel's during his later years.
  A.   Bob Hope
  B.   Charlie Chaplin
  C.   Dick Van Dyke
  D.   Buster Keaton

8. What was Oliver Hardy' nickname? (it's wasn't Ollie.)
  A.   Ox
  B.   Babe
  C.   Gummie
  D.   Stash

9. In the mid-1950s, Laurel and Hardy negotiated with Hal Roach for a series of NBC television series. What was the proposed name for the series?
  A.   Laurel and Hardy's World Travels
  B.   Laurel and Hardy's Fabulous Fables
  C.   Laurel and Hardy's Adventures
  D.   Laurel and Hardy's Variety Show

10. What is the name of the official Laurel and Hardy appreciation society?
  A.   Sons of the Desert
  B.   Leave 'Em Laughing
  C.   Be Big!
  D.   The Fixer Uppers®   

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