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Trivia Quiz - The Andy Griffith Show Guest Stars

There were many Hollywood greats that guest starred on "The Andy Griffith Show." Can you name the star when given information about the character?

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Date Submitted: April 02, 2009
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Author: bill
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The Andy Griffith Show Guest Stars
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1. This eventual superstar actor played the baby's father in "Opie Finds a Baby" (1966) as well as the defendant in "Aunt Bee the Juror" (1967):
  A.   Al Pacino
  B.   Art Carney
  C.   Walter Matthau
  D.   Jack Nicholson

2. This actor played Ronald Bailey in "Bailey's Bad Boy," (1962) a spoiled rich kid who is arrested in Mayberry for flouting the law:
  A.   Bill Bixby
  B.   Bob Denver
  C.   Tim Conway
  D.   Dwayne Hickman

3. This actress played Ellen Brown, a pretty new manicurist Floyd hires for his barber shop in the episode entitled "The Manicurist" (1962):
  A.   Farrah Fawcett
  B.   Barbara Eden
  C.   Donna Reed
  D.   Florence Henderson

4. "Opie's Hobo Friend," (1961) featured this actor as a hobo who begins to affect Opie's ability to tell right from wrong:
  A.   Edgar Buchanan
  B.   Jerry Van Dyke
  C.   Buddy Ebsen
  D.   Frank Cady

5. This actor played Dr. Peterson in "A New Doctor in Town" (1966) and an IRS agent Mr. Heathcoat in the episode "Aunt Bee on TV" (1965):
  A.   Rob Reiner
  B.   Howard Hesseman
  C.   William Christopher
  D.   Norman Fell

6. This actor played guitarist Jim Lindsey in "The Guitar Player" (1960) and "The Guitar Player Returns" (1961):
  A.   Bob Denver
  B.   Ed Asner
  C.   Dick Van Dyke
  D.   James Best

7. This actor played "Big Jeff" Pruitt, the farmer who falls in love with Thelma Lou, much to Barney's dismay, in "The Farmer Takes a Wife":(1962).
  A.   William Conrad
  B.   Alan Hale Jr.
  C.   Lee Van Cleef
  D.   George Kennedy

8. This actor played Sheriff Taylor in the Hollywood version of "Sheriff Without a Gun" in "Taylors in Hollywood" (1965) and a bank robber in an earlier episode "Crime Free Mayberry" (1965):
  A.   Pat McCormick
  B.   Paul Lynde
  C.   Gavin MacLeod
  D.   Don Adams

9. This actor played a gypsy named Gracos in "The Gypsies" (1966):
  A.   Rob Reiner
  B.   Jamie Farr
  C.   Gavin MacLeod
  D.   Jim Backus

10. This actor played a different character in each of the eight episodes in which he starred on "The Andy Griffith Show":
  A.   Allan Melvin
  B.   Jerry Van Dyke
  C.   Don Rickles
  D.   Jack Albertson®   

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