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Trivia Quiz - Mary Todd Lincoln: A Tortured Soul

What do you know about the wife of President Abraham Lincoln?

Quiz Number: 3098
Date Submitted: March 02, 2009
Quiz Categories: Presidential First Ladies
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Mary Lincoln

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Mary Todd Lincoln A Tortured Soul

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1. Where was Mary Todd born and raised?
  A.   Springfield, Illinois
  B.   Bloomington, Illinois
  C.   Frankfort, Kentucky
  D.   Lexington, Kentucky

2. What famous lawyer and politician courted Mary Todd before she met Abraham Lincoln?
  A.   James Semple
  B.   Stephen A. Douglas
  C.   Lyman Trumbull
  D.   Orville H. Browning

3. Mary Todd married Abraham Lincoln on November 4, 1842. About how many years older was Mr. Lincoln than she?
  A.   2 years
  B.   7 years
  C.   10 years
  D.   14 years

4. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln had four fine sons, of which only one outlived her. Which one?
  A.   Robert Todd Lincoln
  B.   Edward "Eddie" Baker Lincoln
  C.   William "Willie" Wallace Lincoln
  D.   Thomas "Tad" Lincoln

5. Where did Mrs. Lincoln and her family make their home prior to Mr. Lincoln being elected president?
  A.   Springfield, Illinois
  B.   Bloomington, Illinois
  C.   Frankfort, Kentucky
  D.   Lexington, Kentucky

6. On April 14, 1865, as Mary Lincoln sat with her husband at Ford's Theatre, President Lincoln was mortally wounded by an assassin. What play were they watching?
  A.   No Thoroughfare
  B.   The Lady of the Camellias
  C.   Our American Cousin
  D.   Love's Comedy

7. In an act approved July 14, 1870, the United States Congress granted Mrs. Lincoln a life pension for being the widow of President Lincoln. What was the annual amount granted to her?
  A.   $3,000
  B.   $13,000
  C.   $30,000
  D.   $53,000

8. After the deaths of her husband and three of her sons, Mrs. Lincoln became depressed and suffered from sleep problems and hallucinations. In 1875, seeking refuge, she moved in with whom?
  A.   her only surviving son
  B.   her sister, Elizabeth Edwards
  C.   her brother, John Todd
  D.   her long-time confidante, Elizabeth Keckly

9. In the late 1870s, Mrs. Lincoln spent much of her time travelling in Europe. In fact, she spent four years taking up residence in what country?
  A.   Spain
  B.   Italy
  C.   Britain
  D.   France

10. In 1879, Mrs. Lincoln suffered spinal cord injuries in a fall from a step ladder. What health condition may have contributed to her fall?
  A.   cataracts
  B.   conjunctivitis
  C.   tendonitis
  D.   arthritis®   

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