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Trivia Quiz - The Munsters Characters: Herman Munster

What do you know about that wacky man, Herman Munster?

Quiz Number: 3085
Date Submitted: February 10, 2009
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 65.9 percent
Times Taken: 285 times
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The Munsters Characters Herman Munster
(Image Source: Herman Munster at Wikipedia)

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1. During what time frame was Herman Munster "built"?
  A.   1815-1850
  B.   1840-1870
  C.   1850-1880
  D.   1865-1890

2. After he was "built," Herman Munster was adopted by a noble English family. What was Herman's royal title?
  A.   7th Count of Batshire
  B.   3rd Baron of Knollshire
  C.   9th Duke of Wolfshire
  D.   5th Earl of Shroudshire

3. What was Herman's wife's name?
  A.   Lori
  B.   Lily
  C.   Lorraine
  D.   Lulu

4. Who played Herman Munster in the 1960's series, "The Munsters"?
  A.   Al Lewis
  B.   Fred Gwynne
  C.   Richard Long
  D.   John Astin

5. Herman is employed at the funeral home, Gateman, Goodbury & Graves. What is his position there?
  A.   hearse driver
  B.   funeral assistant
  C.   embalmer
  D.   funeral director

6. What is Herman's height and weight?
  A.   6'6" & 300 pounds
  B.   6'8" & 320 pounds
  C.   7'0" & 360 pounds
  D.   7'3" & 380 pounds

7. What real-life baseball manager signs Herman to a major league contract?
  A.   Leo Durocher
  B.   Yogi Berra
  C.   Ralph Houk
  D.   Casey Stengel

8. Herman spends a lot of time with Grandpa in what area of the house?
  A.   the kitchen
  B.   the attic
  C.   the billiard room
  D.   the dungeon

9. What is Herman's niece's name?
  A.   Martha
  B.   Mary
  C.   Madeline
  D.   Marilyn

10. What is Herman's son's name?
  A.   Eddie
  B.   Billy
  C.   Donnie
  D.   Ronnie®   

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