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Trivia Quiz - TV Judges and Their Court Shows

Some questions about the many TV court shows and judges that have appeared over the years.

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Date Submitted: January 02, 2009
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TV Judges and Their Court Shows
(Image Source: The Radio Trip)

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1. What court show was the lowest rated of the 2006-07 season?
  A.   "Judge Maria Lopez"
  B.   "Christina's Court"
  C.   "Judge Karen"
  D.   "Divorce Court"

2. In an interview, Christina Perez of "Christina's Court" revealed that her Hispanic ancestry was of what country?
  A.   Mexican
  B.   Cuban
  C.   Columbian
  D.   Spanish

3. Which TV court show has featured Coolio, Ike Turner, and Rick James as litigants?
  A.   "The People's Court"
  B.   "Judge Joe Brown"
  C.   "Judge Mathis"
  D.   "Divorce Court"

4. Judge Mablean Ephraim was the judge on "Divorce Court" from 1999 until 2006. What judge presided on that show after Judge Ephraim left?
  A.   Judge Maria Lopez
  B.   Judge Lynn Toler
  C.   Judge Greg Mathis
  D.   Judge Mills Lane

5. What TV court show features many DNA paternity tests and stories of out of control teens?
  A.   "Judge Judy"
  B.   "People's Court"
  C.   "Judge Karen"
  D.   "Judge Hatchett"

6. Which judge is the author of "Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining"?
  A.   Judge Christina Perez
  B.   Judge Maria Lopez
  C.   Judge Judy Sheindlin
  D.   Judge Marilyn Milian

7. Which of the following has NOT presided over the court on "The People's Court"?
  A.   Ed Koch
  B.   Marilyn Milian
  C.   Jerry Sheindlin
  D.   Greg Mathis

8. Which judge is known to say "This courtroom is my house, and I will bounce you if you don't follow my rules!"?
  A.   Judge Judy
  B.   Judge Alex
  C.   Judge Mathis
  D.   Judge Joe Brown

9. Which judge was a gang member who dropped out of school, but later became the youngest judge in the history of the state of Michigan?
  A.   Judge Alex
  B.   Judge Joe Brown
  C.   Judge Mathis
  D.   Judge Mills Lane

10. Which of these judges was the first to preside on "The People's Court"?
  A.   Judge Jerry Sheindlin
  B.   Judge Hatchett
  C.   Judge Wapner
  D.   Judge Marilyn Milian®   

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