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Trivia Quiz - William J. Brauer Family

This is about the William J. Brauer Family of Ypsilanti, MI. Parents-William and Frances. Children-Cathy, Martha, Billy and Tom.

Quiz Number: 2901
Date Submitted: November 20, 2008
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Quiz Type: Personal Quiz
Author: bill
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William J. Brauer Family
(Image Source: William Brauer Family)

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1. What type of dog was Toby?
  A.   collie
  B.   beagle
  C.   german shepherd
  D.   golden lab

2. On what street did the Brauers live before moving to the farm on Superior Rd.?
  A.   Ballard St.
  B.   Olive St.
  C.   Perrin St.
  D.   Washington St.

3. What type of injury did Tom sustain when Snowball bucked him off?
  A.   broken arm
  B.   concussion
  C.   dislocated elbow
  D.   broken ankle

4. What was the last name of our good friends that lived two houses to the north?
  A.   Langer
  B.   Brothers
  C.   Clark
  D.   Binswanger

5. Who rode his bike every day during the summer to work on Cicarelli's Farm?
  A.   Leroy Dees
  B.   John Funsch
  C.   Kenny Wells
  D.   David Wells

6. Who burned down Dad's chicken coop?
  A.   Billy and Brian
  B.   Martha and Bonnie
  C.   Billy and Cathy
  D.   Martha and Cathy

7. What was the name of the 4-H leader who boarded her horses at the Brauer farm?
  A.   Mary Jean
  B.   Mary Beth
  C.   Mary Grace
  D.   Mary Ann

8. Bill Brauer Sr. enjoyed working on what type of foreign automobiles?
  A.   Volkswagen
  B.   Volvo
  C.   Toyota
  D.   Honda

9. What was the name of the lake where the Brauer's liked to swim?
  A.   Murray's Lake
  B.   Frains Lake
  C.   Huron River
  D.   Gem Lake

10. What was the name of the Brauer family's Australian Sheepdog?
  A.   Bingo
  B.   Ringo
  C.   Dingo
  D.   Wingo®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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