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Trivia Quiz - Jill Biden: Very Educated Second Lady

What do you know about second lady Jill Biden?

Quiz Number: 2889
Date Submitted: November 09, 2008
Quiz Categories: Presidential First Ladies
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Jill Biden

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Jill Biden Very Educated Second Lady
(Image Source: Jill Biden @ Washington Note)

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1. In what state was Jill Biden (maiden name Jacobs) raised as a child?
  A.   New York
  B.   Delaware
  C.   New Jersey
  D.   Pennsylvania

2. Some time after Jill started college she suspended her studies. Why?
  A.   she got married
  B.   her mother was ill
  C.   her father was ill
  D.   she couldn't afford to go to college

3. From what university did Jill earn a Bachelor of Arts in 1976?
  A.   Rutgers University
  B.   Penn State University
  C.   University of Delaware
  D.   University of Pennsylvania

4. Jill Biden taught in the K-12 public school system for many years. What was the primary subject that she has taught?
  A.   English
  B.   Social Studies
  C.   Science
  D.   Math

5. In 1987, Jill Biden received a Master of Arts in English from what university?
  A.   Duquesne University
  B.   Villanova University
  C.   Boston College
  D.   St. Bonaventure University

6. In 1991, Jill Biden received a Master of Education with a specialty in reading from what Pennsylvania university?
  A.   DeSales University
  B.   La Salle University
  C.   Bucknell University
  D.   West Chester University

7. Jill and Joe Biden have one daughter together, having been born in 1981. What is her first name?
  A.   Angela
  B.   Aimee
  C.   Andrea
  D.   Ashley

8. In 1993, Jill Biden started teaching at what Delaware college?
  A.   Goldey-Beacom College
  B.   Delaware Technical & Community College
  C.   Wesley College
  D.   Delaware College of Art & Design

9. Jill Biden is the founder and president of a Delaware-based non-profit organization that focuses on what?
  A.   eliminating illiteracy
  B.   breast health
  C.   international peace
  D.   eliminating hunger

10. In 2007, Jill Biden earned a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from what university?
  A.   University of Delaware
  B.   Bucknell University
  C.   Temple University
  D.   University of Pennsylvania®   

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