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Trivia Quiz - Halloween: A Haunted History

Try your luck on this quiz about the facts, legends, culture and history of Halloween.

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Date Submitted: October 26, 2008
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Halloween A Haunted History
(Image Source: Historical Halloween)

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1. Halloween's origins date back to an ancient Celtic festival called what?
  A.   Lammas
  B.   Imbolc
  C.   Semik
  D.   Samhain

2. The festival that the Celts celebrated on October 31st marked the end of what?
  A.   end of the year
  B.   end of the decade
  C.   end of the month
  D.   end of autumn

3. The Celts thought that the presence of the otherworldly spirits on Halloween made it easier for the Celtic priests to make predictions about the future. What were the priests called?
  A.   Shamans
  B.   Druids
  C.   Chieftains
  D.   Vicars

4. Costumes and masks were worn at the Celtic festival in an attempt to do what?
  A.   scare off the evil spirits
  B.   mimic or placate the evil spirits
  C.   coax the evil spirits into dining with them
  D.   get some candy

5. The incorporation of a Roman celebration called Pomona into the October 31st Celtic festival was most likely the origin of what Halloween tradition?
  A.   bobbing for apples
  B.   trick or treating
  C.   pumpkin carving
  D.   bonfires

6. Originating in Europe, jack-o-lanterns were first carved from what?
  A.   turnips
  B.   yams
  C.   potatoes
  D.   beets

7. In the 800s, Pope Boniface IV designated November 1 All Saints' Day, or Alholowmesse, a time to honor saints and martyrs. The night before All Saint's Day eventually became known as what?
  A.   Alholow Eve
  B.   Messe Eve
  C.   Alhol-Eve
  D.   All-hallows Eve

8. The traditional Halloween cake in Ireland is the barmbrack, which is what type of bread?
  A.   zucchini
  B.   nut
  C.   fruit
  D.   pumpkin

9. In 1937, officials from what Minnesota city persuaded the United States Congress to officially grant it the title of "Halloween Capital of the World"?
  A.   Eagan
  B.   Eden Prairie
  C.   Anoka
  D.   Northfield

10. According to the National Retail Federation in America, what is the most popular Halloween costume for adults?
  A.   witch
  B.   vampire
  C.   pirate
  D.   clown®   

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