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Trivia Quiz - The Beach Boys: The Beginnings

The Beach Boys trivia about their songs and albums.

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Date Submitted: March 21, 2008
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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The Beach Boys The Beginnings
(Image Source: The Beach Boys @ kidoryo)

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1. Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson were cousins to which fellow Beach Boy?
  A.   David Marks
  B.   Al Jardine
  C.   Bruce Johnston
  D.   Mike Love

2. Who gave the fledgling band its first name, The Pendletones?
  A.   Carl Wilson
  B.   Dennis Wilson
  C.   Brian Wilson
  D.   Mike Love

3. What was the first Beach Boys' single to be played on the radio?
  A.   409
  B.   Surfin' Safari
  C.   Surfin'
  D.   Ten Little Indians

4. Brian Wilson states that the melody of "God Only Knows" was inspired by a record written and produced by whom?
  A.   Arlo Guthrie
  B.   Lead Belly
  C.   Bob Dylan
  D.   John Sebastian

5. In 1964, Brian Wilson suffered from an anxiety attack and left the tour. Who served as Wilson's replacement in concert?
  A.   Glen Campbell
  B.   Ricky Fataar
  C.   David Marks
  D.   Blondie Chaplin

6. Brian Wilson stated that he was inspired to write the album "Pet Sounds" upon listening to what album by The Beatles?
  A.   Revolver
  B.   Help!
  C.   Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  D.   Rubber Soul

7. How did Brian Wilson classify the song "Good Vibrations?"
  A.   "a mini rock opera"
  B.   "a pocket symphony"
  C.   "a stirring melody"
  D.   "a vocal treasure"

8. The release of what album was permanently canceled in 1967?
  A.   Pet Sounds
  B.   Smiley Smile
  C.   Smile
  D.   Wild Honey

9. 1974 was a big year for the band. They were selected "Band of the Year" by Rolling Stone magazine and they also release what double album?
  A.   Endless Summer
  B.   Spirit of America
  C.   15 Big Ones
  D.   Holland

10. What album marked the marked return of Brian Wilson as a major force in the group in that it was the first album produced by him since "Pet Sounds."
  A.   Endless Summer
  B.   15 Big Ones
  C.   Holland
  D.   Love You®   

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