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Trivia Quiz - The Who: British Rock Band: The 1960s

How much do you know about the early days of The Who?

Quiz Number: 2247
Date Submitted: March 12, 2008
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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The Who British Rock Band The 1960s
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1. The first band that could be considered a parent of The Who was a "trad jazz" band started by Pete Townshend and John Entwistle called:
  A.   The High Numbers
  B.   The Detours
  C.   The Federation
  D.   The Confederates

2. Roger Daltrey founded one of the early versions of The Who called:
  A.   The High Numbers
  B.   The Detours
  C.   The Federation
  D.   The Confederates

3. What motivated Pete Townshend to smash his guitar on stage for the very first time in 1964?
  A.   he did it on a dare
  B.   the guitar he smashed was old and in bad shape
  C.   he was angered by snickers he got when he accidently broke the head of his guitar
  D.   he wanted to freak out his band mates

4. What happened during the next Who concert after Townshend smashed his guitar?
  A.   Townshend smashed another guitar
  B.   Entwistle smashed his bass
  C.   Keith Moon smashed his drum kit
  D.   the band didn't destroy any instruments

5. What was The Who's first release (and first hit single)? hint: it happened in January 1965.
  A.   I'm a Man
  B.   The Kids Are Alright
  C.   My Generation
  D.   I Can't Explain

6. What unusual event took place at Keith Moon's 21st birthday party in 1967 at a hotel in Flint, MI?
  A.   the band destoyed their hotel room
  B.   Moon drove a car into a swimming pool
  C.   Moon rode a horse down the highway
  D.   the band gave an impromptu concert in the hotel lobby

7. The 1967 single, "Pictures of Lily" is a tribute to what?
  A.   masturbation
  B.   lillies (the flower)
  C.   a girlfriend of Keith Moon, named Lily
  D.   sleep

8. Which Who concept album played like an offshore radio station, complete with humorous jingles and commercials, and a mini rock opera?
  A.   My Generation
  B.   A Quick One
  C.   Tommy
  D.   The Who Sell Out

9. The Who destroyed their equipment on what American television show in 1967?
  A.   The Ed Sullivan Show
  B.   Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
  C.   The Dean Martin Show
  D.   The Red Skelton Show

10. What is the name of the wicked uncle featured in the 1969 song "Fiddle About" from the rock opera album "Tommy?"
  A.   Alfred
  B.   Ernie
  C.   Abner
  D.   Ethan®   

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