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Trivia Quiz - Led Zeppelin: Post-Bonham Years (1980 and Beyond)

Tragically, John Bonham was gone - and the band would never be the same.

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Date Submitted: February 17, 2008
Quiz Categories: Heavy Metal
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Author: bill
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Led Zeppelin Post Bonham Years (1980 and Beyond)
(Image Source: Led Zeppelin @ 80s Tees)

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1. In 1982, the surviving members of the group released a collection of out-takes from various sessions during Led Zeppelin's career. The name of this album was:
  A.   Coda
  B.   Remasters
  C.   Led Zeppelin (Box Set, Vol. 1)
  D.   Mothership

2. Led Zeppelin's 1982 album featured a 1976 John Bonham drum instrumental called:
  A.   Johnny's Joust
  B.   John's Jumble
  C.   Bonzo's Montreux
  D.   Bonzo's Bane

3. On 13 July 1985, Page, Plant and Jones reunited for the Live Aid concert at what stadium?
  A.   Busch Memorial Stadium, St. Louis
  B.   Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia
  C.   Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium.
  D.   JFK Stadium, Philadelphia

4. In May 1988, Page, Plant and Jones reunited along with John Bonham's son Jason for what anniversary concert?
  A.   The Kink's 25th Anniversary concert special
  B.   The Rolling Stones's 25th Anniversary concert special
  C.   The Who's 25th Anniversary concert special
  D.   Atlantic Records' 40th Anniversary concert

5. 1990 saw the release of the first Led Zeppelin box set which including Led Zeppelin's version of what Robert Johnson song?
  A.   Travelling Riverside Blues
  B.   Sweet Home Chicago
  C.   Terraplane Blues
  D.   Hellhound on My Trail

6. What two Aerosmith players inducted Led Zeppelin into the United States Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995?
  A.   Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry
  B.   Steven Tyler and bassist Tom Hamilton
  C.   Steven Tyler and guitarist Brad Whitford
  D.   Steven Tyler and drummer Joey Kramer

7. 2003 saw the release of a what triple live album?
  A.   Mothership
  B.   Latter Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin Volume Two
  C.   Coda
  D.   How the West Was Won

8. In what year did Led Zeppelin receive the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award?
  A.   1998
  B.   2001
  C.   2005
  D.   2007

9. In November 2006, Led Zeppelin was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame. Following the induction, what band played the song "Communication Breakdown" as a tribute to Led Zeppelin?
  A.   Godsmack
  B.   Wolfmother
  C.   Alice in Chains
  D.   Metallica

10. On December 10, 2007 the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, along with Jason Bonham, reunited for a one-off benefit concert held in memory of what music executive?
  A.   Ahmet Ertegün
  B.   Peter Grant
  C.   Brian Epstein
  D.   Peter Meaden®   

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