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Trivia Quiz - U.S. Presidents: Basic Facts #28

This quiz is about U.S. presidential trivia: presidents' birthplaces, presidents' term dates, presidential policies, presidential elections, presidents' first ladies, presidents' military service, presidents' education and more!

Quiz Number: 210
Date Submitted: December 05, 2005
Quiz Categories: American Presidents
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Times Taken: 31 times
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U.S. Presidents Basic Facts 28
(Image Source: Abraham Lincoln)

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1. Who said "the business of America is business?"
  A.   Gerald Ford
  B.   Calvin Coolidge
  C.   John F. Kennedy
  D.   William McKinley

2. Who was the 11th president of the United States?
  A.   James Polk
  B.   Andrew Jackson
  C.   William H. Harrison
  D.   Zachary Taylor

3. Who said, "If anyone in the White House tells a lie Richard Nixon gets a royalty?"
  A.   Hubert Humphrey
  B.   Richard Nixon
  C.   Barry Goldwater
  D.   Lyndon Johnson

4. Who said: "In the memory of our fallen president, we shall not fail?"
  A.   Harry S. Truman
  B.   Lyndon Johnson
  C.   Theodore Roosevelt
  D.   Chester A. Arthur

5. Who served as president during the Civil War?
  A.   Abraham Lincoln
  B.   Andrew Johnson
  C.   James Buchanan
  D.   Ulysses S. Grant

6. Who served the shortest presidential term for the United States?
  A.   Andrew Jackson
  B.   Martin Van Buren
  C.   William Henry Harrison
  D.   John Tyler

7. Who succeeded Nixon in the Whitehouse?
  A.   Jimmy Carter
  B.   Ronald Reagan
  C.   Gerald Ford
  D.   George Bush

8. Who was erroneously reported to have said, "John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it?"
  A.   Andrew Jackson
  B.   Matrin Van Buren
  C.   John Quincy Adams
  D.   John Adams

9. Who was George Washington's Vice President?
  A.   John Adams
  B.   Thomas Jefferson
  C.   James Madison
  D.   James Monroe

10. Who was Harry Truman's vice-president?
  A.   John N. Garner
  B.   Henry A. Wallace
  C.   Alben Barkley
  D.   Lyndon Johnson®   

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