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Trivia Quiz - Super Bowl Game Sites: Part 2

Do you remember where Super Bowls XI - XX were played?

Quiz Number: 2083
Date Submitted: February 02, 2008
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 60.9 percent
Times Taken: 23 times
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Super Bowl Game Sites Part 2
(Image Source: Super Bowl Logo)

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1. Super Bowl XI (1977):
  A.   San Jose, CA
  B.   San Diego, CA
  C.   New Orleans, LA
  D.   Pasadena, CA

2. Super Bowl XII (1978):
  A.   Tempe, AZ
  B.   Tampa, FL
  C.   New Orleans, LA
  D.   Minneapolis, MN

3. Super Bowl XIII (1979):
  A.   Phoenix, AZ
  B.   Miami, FL
  C.   Los Angeles, CA
  D.   San Antonio, TX

4. Super Bowl XIV (1980):
  A.   Pasadena, CA
  B.   New Orleans, LA
  C.   Tampa, FL
  D.   Houston, TX

5. Super Bowl XV (1981):
  A.   San Antonio, TX
  B.   Los Angeles, CA
  C.   San Diego, CA
  D.   New Orleans, LA

6. Super Bowl XVI (1982):
  A.   Detroit, MI
  B.   Seattle, WA
  C.   New Orleans, LA
  D.   San Diego, CA

7. Super Bowl XVII (1983):
  A.   Dallas, TX
  B.   Pasadena, CA
  C.   Phoenix, AZ
  D.   Tampa, FL

8. Super Bowl XVIII (1984):
  A.   Los Angeles, CA
  B.   New Orleans, LA
  C.   Tampa, FL
  D.   Jacksonville, FL

9. Super Bowl XIX (1985):
  A.   Stanford, CA
  B.   New Orleans, LA
  C.   Miami, FL
  D.   Seattle, WA

10. Super Bowl XX (1986):
  A.   New Orleans, LA
  B.   Tempe, AZ
  C.   Los Angeles, CA
  D.   Tampa, FL®   

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