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Trivia Quiz - LSU Tigers Football History & Facts

Great LSU Tigers trivia!

Quiz Number: 1982
Date Submitted: January 06, 2008
Quiz Categories: SEC Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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LSU Tigers Football History  Facts
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1. What are the official team colors of the LSU Tigers?
  A.   magenta and cream
  B.   purple and silver
  C.   silver and gold
  D.   purple and gold

2. What is the name of the LSU Tiger marching band?
  A.   The Power Sound of the South
  B.   Spirit of LSU
  C.   Golden Band from Tigerland
  D.   Marching Tigers

3. The LSU-Auburn rivalry game has become known as what?
  A.   Roar Bowl
  B.   Battle of the South
  C.   Tiger Bowl
  D.   Big Time Hurt

4. What team did the LSU Tigers defeat in the 2007 National Championship game?
  A.   Ohio State Buckeyes
  B.   Florida Gators
  C.   Oregon Ducks
  D.   Auburn Tigers

5. In 2012, LSU player Odell Beckham, Jr. was drafted in the first round of the NFL draft by the New York Giants. What position does he play?
  A.   safety
  B.   center
  C.   wide receiver
  D.   running back

6. What was the only team to defeat the LSU Tigers during their 2003 National Championship season?
  A.   Ole Miss Rebels
  B.   Georgia Bulldogs
  C.   Auburn Tigers
  D.   Florida Gators

7. What team defeated the LSU Tigers in the 2011 National Championship Game?
  A.   USC Trojans
  B.   Auburn Tigers
  C.   Alabama Crimson Tide
  D.   Syracuse Orange

8. WHo did the LSU Tigers hre as their head football coach in 2005?
  A.   Lloyd Carr
  B.   Les Miles
  C.   Nick Saban
  D.   Jerry Stovall

9. The LSU Tigers' mascot's nickname is:
  A.   The Cowardly Lion
  B.   Timmy the Tiger
  C.   Tony the Tiger
  D.   Mike the Tiger

10. The winner of the annual LSU-Arkansas football rivalry game wins what trophy?
  A.   The Golden Boot
  B.   The Old Oaken Bucket
  C.   Tiger Rag
  D.   Little Brown Jug®   

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