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Trivia Quiz - What Year Did It Happen? #9

In what year did these things happen?

Quiz Number: 1955
Date Submitted: December 30, 2007
Quiz Categories: What Year Did It Happen?
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
Average Score: 35.9 percent
Times Taken: 64 times
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What Year Did It Happen 9
(Image Source: Father Time and Baby)

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1. Twelve years after the big blackout, the lights go out again in New York for 24 hours:
  A.   1981
  B.   1987
  C.   1977
  D.   1985

2. Janet Guthrie becomes the first woman to qualify at the Indy 500:
  A.   1977
  B.   1973
  C.   1971
  D.   1982

3. Desi Arnaz, Jr. appears on TV Guide's first cover:
  A.   1964
  B.   1960
  C.   1953
  D.   1951

4. The Oakland A's win their third consecutive World Series Championship by beating the Dodgers:
  A.   1976
  B.   1974
  C.   1989
  D.   1978

5. Pentel, the first felt-tip pen is introduced to the market:
  A.   1977
  B.   1966
  C.   1960
  D.   1969

6. Rev. Sun Myung Moon marries some 4,000 followers in a mass ceremony at Madison Square Garden:
  A.   1979
  B.   1982
  C.   1990
  D.   1972

7. Clean shaving becomes a breeze when Wilkinson Sword introduces the first stainless steel razor blade:
  A.   1956
  B.   1967
  C.   1969
  D.   1981

8. American cyclist Greg LeMond stuns the sports world by taking the Tour de France for the third time:
  A.   1995
  B.   1982
  C.   1990
  D.   1988

9. U.S. postal rates rise twice, bumping first class stamps from 15 cents to 18 cents to 20 cents:
  A.   1970
  B.   1981
  C.   1983
  D.   1977

10. The San Francisco Tripps Festival becomes a turning point in music when "acid rock" is introduced:
  A.   1966
  B.   1975
  C.   1974
  D.   1981®   

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