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Trivia Quiz - Missouri Tigers Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Missouri Tigers' football history and Missouri Tigers' trivia!

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Date Submitted: November 25, 2007
Quiz Categories: SEC Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Missouri Tigers Football History  Facts
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1. What are the official team colors of the Missouri Tigers?
  A.   black and gold
  B.   black and blue
  C.   maize and blue
  D.   purple and silver

2. What is the official fight song of the Missouri Tigers?
  A.   Tiger Rag
  B.   Onward Tigers!
  C.   Fight Tiger
  D.   Here Comes the Tigers

3. According to the NCAA, Jeopardy! and Trivial Pursuit, the Missouri Tigers were the first college football team to do what?
  A.   host a homecoming game
  B.   have a fight song
  C.   have a cheerleading team
  D.   have a marching band

4. Who did the Missouri Tigers hire as their head football coach in 2001?
  A.   Mark Richt
  B.   Butch Jones
  C.   Jack Lambert
  D.   Gary Pinkel

5. Chase Daniel, Blaine Gabbert and Brad Smith are all Missouri Tigers that were drafted into the NFL. What position did they play while at Mizzou?
  A.   center
  B.   quarterback
  C.   running back
  D.   wide receiver

6. The Missouri Tiger's mascot's name is:
  A.   Truman
  B.   Tommy
  C.   Terry
  D.   Tony

7. The Missouri Tiger's rivalry game with the Iowa State Cyclones is called:
  A.   Border War
  B.   Telephone Trophy
  C.   The Kit Carson Rifle
  D.   Heartland Trophy

8. The Missouri Tigers have the longest college football rivalry west of the Mississippi River, first played in 1891, against what team? (the rivalry was interrupted once, in 1918, by a flu epedemic).
  A.   Oklahoma State Cowboys
  B.   Oklahoma Sooners
  C.   Nebraska Cornhuskers
  D.   Kansas Jayhawks

9. What was the only team to defeat the Missouri Tigers during the 2007 regular season?
  A.   Oklahoma State Cowboys
  B.   Oklahoma Sooners
  C.   Nebraska Cornhuskers
  D.   Kansas Jayhawks

10. What is the name of the Missouri Tigers marching band?
  A.   Tiger Band
  B.   Marching Mizzou
  C.   Million Dollar Band
  D.   Pride of Mizzou®   

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