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Trivia Quiz - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Get in the spirit by taking this trivia quiz about the plot, characters, and actors in the movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Quiz Number: 1774
Date Submitted: November 11, 2007
Quiz Categories: Fantasy Movies, Halloween, Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 78 percent
Times Taken: 699 times
Taken by Registered Users: 20

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The Nightmare Before Christmas
(Image Source: The Nightmare Before Christmas Title Card)

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1. What is Jack's last name?
  A.   Ghostley
  B.   Skeleton
  C.   Skellington
  D.   Blood

2. Why is Jack depressed?
  A.   he wants more variety in his life
  B.   he just discovered that he is undead
  C.   he wants an undead girlfriend
  D.   his friend passed away on Halloween

3. What is unique about Jack's dog, Zero?
  A.   he's a mummy dog
  B.   he's a vampire dog
  C.   he's a skeleton dog
  D.   he's a ghost dog

4. What plant does Sally use to poison Dr. Finklestein?
  A.   Water Dropwort
  B.   Heartleaf Nightshade
  C.   White Snakeroot
  D.   Deadly Nightshade

5. What is unique about the mayor?
  A.   he's got two faces
  B.   he's got two heads
  C.   he walks backwards all the time
  D.   he's made of dripping goop

6. By what name does Jack call Santa Claus?
  A.   White Beard
  B.   St. Nick
  C.   Sandy Claws
  D.   Santee

7. How does Jack tell the townspeople that he has discovered Christmastown?
  A.   he broadcasts the news over the TV
  B.   he calls a town meeting
  C.   he sends out a newsletter
  D.   he tells them at the town bonfire

8. What's unique about Jack's reindeer?
  A.   they are invisible
  B.   they are ghosts
  C.   they are skeletons
  D.   they each have two heads

9. Once Oogie Boogie gets split open, it is revealed that he is actually made of:
  A.   cheese
  B.   bugs
  C.   snakes
  D.   spiders

10. At the end of the movie, where do Jack and Sally share a kiss?
  A.   atop a spiral-shaped, flexible extension of land
  B.   in Dr. Finklestein's castle
  C.   at Jack's house
  D.   in the heart of Christmastown®   

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