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Trivia Quiz - Yes: Welcome to the New Millenium (2000 and beyond)

Yes moves into the new millenium with their classic line-up intact - hoo-ray! -bill

Quiz Number: 1637
Date Submitted: September 25, 2007
Quiz Categories: Yes
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Yes Welcome to the New Millenium (2000 and beyond)
(Image Source: Yes Logo)

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1. Who was released from the band prior to the 2000 "Masterworks" tour?
  A.   Billy Sherwood
  B.   Rick Wakeman
  C.   Steve Howe
  D.   Igor Khoroshev

2. Why was Igor Khoroshev fired from the band in 2000?
  A.   he musical style conflicted with Anderson and Squire
  B.   he was missing practice too much
  C.   he was using hallucinogenetic drugs
  D.   he was charged with sexual assault

3. What live Yes album was released in 2000?
  A.   "House of Yes: Live from House of Blues"
  B.   "Keys to Ascension"
  C.   "Keys to Ascension 2"
  D.   "Yesshows"

4. What studio album, recorded with a full orchestra, did Yes release in 2001?
  A.   "Time and a Word"
  B.   "Magnification"
  C.   "The Ladder"
  D.   "Open Your Eyes"

5. What session keyboardist did Yes hire to tour with them in 2001?
  A.   Steve George
  B.   Keith Emerson
  C.   Geddy Lee
  D.   Tom Brislin

6. Yes performed their 35th Anniversary Tour in what year?
  A.   2001
  B.   2002
  C.   2003
  D.   2004

7. Alan White formed a new group called White in 2005 and released a CD in 2006. What was the name of the CD?
  A.   "Talk"
  B.   "Alan"
  C.   "White"
  D.   "YesMan Solo"

8. Chris Squire joined a reformed version of what 1960s band in 2004?
  A.   The Syn
  B.   The Selfs
  C.   The Nice
  D.   Mabel Greer's Toyshop

9. What is Chris Squire's nick name?
  A.   Stopher
  B.   Knight
  C.   Tomato
  D.   Fish

10. What is the name of the box set that Yes released in December, 2006?
  A.   "Essentially Yes"
  B.   "Keystudio"
  C.   "Astral Traveller"
  D.   "Friends and Relatives"®   

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