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Trivia Quiz - Yes: Strumming Through the 90s (1992-2000)

Yes rolls into the 1990s with seemingly more line-up changes, but still the drive for success. -bill

Quiz Number: 1629
Date Submitted: September 22, 2007
Quiz Categories: Yes
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Yes Strumming Through the 90s (1992 2000)
(Image Source: Yes Logo)

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1. What progressive rock legend produced the 1992 album entitled "The Symphonic Music of Yes," an instrumental presentation of Yes masterpieces?
  A.   Robert Fripp
  B.   Keith Emerson
  C.   Alan Parsons
  D.   David Gilmour

2. What album did Yes release in 1994?
  A.   "Union"
  B.   "Talk"
  C.   "Open Your Eyes"
  D.   "The Ladder"

3. Yes performed on what late night talk show on June 20, 1994?
  A.   Late Night with Conan O'Brien
  B.   The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
  C.   The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  D.   Late Night with David Letterman

4. What popular American musician joined Anderson, Squire, Rabin, Kaye, and White as a sixth member of the band for the 1994 world tour?
  A.   Adrian Belew
  B.   Billy Sherwood
  C.   Steve Howe
  D.   Greg Lake

5. The song "Mind Drive" is found on what Yes Album?
  A.   "Talk"
  B.   "Keys to Ascension"
  C.   "Keys to Ascension 2"
  D.   "Open Your Eyes"

6. What band member worked with the band in 1996 on both the "Keys to Ascension" compilations, only to leave again before the release of "Keys to Ascension 2."
  A.   Steve Howe
  B.   Rick Wakeman
  C.   Jon Anderson
  D.   Bill Bruford

7. What album, composed entirely of new music, was released by Yes in 1997?
  A.   "Talk"
  B.   "Magnification"
  C.   "The Ladder"
  D.   "Open Your Eyes"

8. Who joined Yes as a full-time member on keyboards in 1998?
  A.   Igor Khoroshev
  B.   Billy Sherwood
  C.   Tony Kaye
  D.   Geoff Downes

9. The Yes song, "The Messenger," off the album "The Ladder," was a tribute to what great reggae musician?
  A.   Junior Braithwaite
  B.   Bunny Wailer
  C.   Peter Tosh
  D.   Bob Marley

10. What track, off the album "The Ladder," was composed for a real-time strategy computer game owned by Relic Entertainment?
  A.   "Face to Face"
  B.   "Homeworld"
  C.   "Lightning Strikes"
  D.   "New Language"®   

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