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Trivia Quiz - The Wizard Of Oz Cast and Crew

A quiz to see how well you know who the cast and crew were of the Wizard Of Oz. "If I were King of Wizard of Oz trivia!"

Quiz Number: 1617
Date Submitted: September 13, 2007
Quiz Categories: Fantasy Movies, Musical Movies
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: tkellz
Average Score: 47.3 percent
Times Taken: 382 times
Taken by Registered Users: 35

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The Wizard Of Oz Cast and Crew
(Image Source: The Wizard of Oz Cast)

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1. Who played 5 different characters in the film?
  A.   Bert Lahr
  B.   Charley Grapwin
  C.   Frank Morgan
  D.   Victor Fleming

2. What was the name of the dog who played Toto?
  A.   Terry
  B.   Toto
  C.   Midget
  D.   Squeakers

3. Who played the farmhand Hunk?
  A.   Bert Lahr
  B.   Jack Haley
  C.   Buddy Ebsen
  D.   Ray Bolger

4. Who played the Wicked Witch's right hand flying monkey?
  A.   Pat Walshe
  B.   Clara Blandick
  C.   Viola Banks
  D.   Gladys Allison

5. What was Ms. Gultch's first name?
  A.   Eleanor
  B.   Almira
  C.   Edna
  D.   Aletha

6. Who played the Munchkin that gave Dorothy the lollipop in Munchkin Land?
  A.   Bud Lin
  B.   Jon Dodson
  C.   Jerry Maren
  D.   Billy Curtis

7. Who wrote the original music?
  A.   Mervyn LeRoy
  B.   Harold Arlen
  C.   Frank L. Baum
  D.   E. Y. Harburg

8. Who wrote most of the lyrics for "The Wizard Of Oz?"
  A.   Mervyn LeRoy
  B.   Harold Arlen
  C.   Frank L. Baum
  D.   E. Y. Harburg

9. Who played Uncle Henry?
  A.   Jack Haley
  B.   Charley Grapewin
  C.   Buddy Ebsen
  D.   Ray Bolger

10. Who played the Mayor of Munchkin City?
  A.   Henry Boers
  B.   John T. Bambury
  C.   Charles Becker
  D.   Theodore Boers®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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