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Trivia Quiz - Elvis Presley: His Many Loves

What do you know about Elvis' many loves, you hound doggie? Great Elvis Presley trivia in this awesome Elvis quiz!

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Date Submitted: July 16, 2007
Quiz Categories: Elvis Presley
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley His Many Loves
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1. The only woman the Elvis ever loved enough to marry was:
  A.   Ann-Margret
  B.   Linda Thompson
  C.   Priscilla Beaulieu
  D.   Ginger Alden

2. Elvis' high school sweetheart's name was:
  A.   Dixie Locke
  B.   June Juanico
  C.   Danielle Rogers
  D.   Jeanne Walton

3. This woman dated Elvis while he was a rising star and wrote the book entitled "Elvis in the Twilight of Memory."
  A.   Dixie Locke
  B.   June Juanico
  C.   Natalie Wood
  D.   Donna Douglas

4. What Presley girlfriend once said the following about the King? "He can sing but he can't do much else."
  A.   Ginger Alden
  B.   Judy Spreckels
  C.   Elizabeth Montgomery
  D.   Natalie Wood

5. What well-known actress claimed to have taught Elvis "the joys of oral sex?"
  A.   Ann-Margret
  B.   Cybill Shepherd
  C.   Peggy Lipton
  D.   Anita Wood

6. Which one of Elvis' girlfriends received a round bed in hot pink colors as a gift from the King?
  A.   Juliet Prowse
  B.   Anne Helm
  C.   Ann-Margret
  D.   Regina Carrol

7. What actress claimed that Elvis was "virtually impotent" with her. She attributed his impotence to his heavy drug abuse.
  A.   Peggy Lipton
  B.   Anita Wood
  C.   Cybill Shepherd
  D.   Anne Helm

8. Elvis fell in love with whom on the set of "Kid Galahad" (1962)?
  A.   Donna Douglas
  B.   Elizabeth Montgomery
  C.   Connie Stevens
  D.   Regina Carrol

9. This woman shared Elvis' passion for gospel music and a higher religious understanding. She moved in with Elvis in August 1972 and remained the singer's steady companion for roughly three and a half years:
  A.   Linda Thompson
  B.   Ginger Alden
  C.   Connie Stevens
  D.   Cybill Shepherd

10. At this time of his death, Elvis was keeping regular company with:
  A.   Ginger Alden
  B.   Connie Stevens
  C.   Lori Williams
  D.   Linda Thompson®   

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