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Trivia Quiz - Lucille Ball, America's Favorite Red Head

How much do you know about this famous red head ?

Quiz Number: 1408
Date Submitted: July 01, 2007
Quiz Categories: I Love Lucy, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: tazzytina
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Quiz is about: Lucille Ball

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Lucille Ball Americas Favorite Red Head
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1. Where is there is a museum dedicated to Lucille Ball?
  A.   Los Angeles, CA
  B.   Beverly Hills, CA
  C.   Jamestown, NY
  D.   New York, NY

2. Lucille Ball was married twice, once of course to Desi Arnaz. Who was her second husband?
  A.   Tennessee Ernie Ford
  B.   Gary Morton
  C.   Gary Cooper
  D.   William Frawley

3. Lucille Ball appeared on what magazine 39 times?
  A.   Time
  B.   Red Book
  C.   Vanity Fair
  D.   TV Guide

4. Lucille Ball went to a school for the dramatic arts with what other famous actress?
  A.   Bette Davis
  B.   Carol Lombard
  C.   Vivian Vance
  D.   Katharine Hepburn

5. What was Lucille Ball's stage name in her early career on Broadway?
  A.   Lucy Mc Gullicudy
  B.   Diane Belmont
  C.   Eveline Hunt
  D.   Liz Cooper

6. "I Love Lucy" was developed from a radio show. What was the name of the show?
  A.   "Rio Rita"
  B.   "Too Many Girls"
  C.   "My Favorite Husband"
  D.   "The Lucy Show"

7. Lucille Ball was the first woman in television to head what?
  A.   A band
  B.   A production company
  C.   An actors union
  D.   A camera crew

8. In 1953, Lucille Ball was subpoenaed by the House Committee on Un-American activities. Why?
  A.   her husband was Cuban
  B.   because she registered to vote as a communist
  C.   she disagreed with the President
  D.   she donated to terrorist causes

9. In what year did Lucille Ball divorce Desi Arnaz?
  A.   1950
  B.   1951
  C.   1960
  D.   1953

10. In 1982, Lucille Ball hosted a two-part retrospective of what famous TV Show?
  A.   "Gilligan's Island"
  B.   "Gunsmoke"
  C.   "Brady Bunch"
  D.   "Three's Company"®   

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