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Trivia Quiz - First Families' Secret Service Code Names

See if you can match these Secret Service Code names with the correct first lady (and some first daughters). It's fun! Bill

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First Families Secret Service Code Names
(Image Source: Laura Bush)

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1. What first lady had the secret service codename "Dancer"?
  A.   Nancy Reagan
  B.   Rosalynn Carter
  C.   Barbara Bush
  D.   Lady Bird Johnson

2. "Rainbow" was the secret service code name of what first lady?
  A.   Hillary Clinton
  B.   Betty Ford
  C.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  D.   Nancy Reagan

3. The Secret Service referred to what first family member as "Evergreen"?
  A.   Bess Truman
  B.   Hillary Clinton
  C.   Jenna Bush
  D.   Pat Nixon

4. "Tranquility" was a secret service code name for:
  A.   Barbara Bush (wife of George Sr.)
  B.   Jacqueline Kennedy
  C.   Mamie Eisenhower
  D.   Rosalynn Carter

5. When the secret service said "Pinafore" they meant:
  A.   Pat Nixon
  B.   Betty Ford
  C.   Mamie Eisenhower
  D.   Hillary Clinton

6. "Dynamo" was the secret service code for which first family member?
  A.   Jacqueline Kennedy
  B.   Barbara Bush (daughter of George W.)
  C.   Jenna Bush
  D.   Amy Carter

7. What White House wife had a secret service code name of "Rover"?
  A.   Hillary Clinton
  B.   Nancy Reagan
  C.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  D.   Pat Nixon

8. Lace
  A.   Jacqueline Kennedy
  B.   Jenna Bush
  C.   Rosalynn Carter
  D.   Hillary Clinton

9. When the secret service said "Starlight" who did they mean?
  A.   Hillary Clinton
  B.   Nancy Reagan
  C.   Pat Nixon
  D.   Betty Ford

10. "Energy" was the Washington classified code for who?
  A.   Hillary Clinton
  B.   Chelsea Clinton
  C.   Nancy Reagan
  D.   Jenna Bush®   

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