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Trivia Quiz - Presidential First Ladies #1

Think you know your first ladies? Well, why not try these questions out? Good luck with this First Lady trivia! Bill

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Presidential First Ladies 1
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1. At age twenty-one, she was our youngest first lady.
  A.   Dolley Madison
  B.   Jacqueline Kennedy
  C.   Frances Cleveland
  D.   Abagail Adams

2. What first lady insisted that Congress appropriate the necessary funds to install indoor plumbing in the White House?
  A.   Abagail Fillmore
  B.   Jane Pierce
  C.   Margaret Taylor
  D.   Sarah Polk

3. Which first lady made only two public appearances during her almost four years in the White House?
  A.   Eliza Johnson
  B.   Letitia Tyler
  C.   Hannah Van Buren
  D.   Elizabeth Monroe

4. Which first lady was know for often wearing a forehead jewel?
  A.   Frances Cleveland
  B.   Helen Taft
  C.   Julia Grant
  D.   Julia Tyler

5. What former first lady founded the National Wildflower Research Center in 1983?
  A.   Jacqueline Kennedy
  B.   Betty Ford
  C.   Pat Nixon
  D.   Lady Bird Johnson

6. What first lady was the first to call publicly for the appointment of a woman to the U.S Supreme Court?
  A.   Pat Nixon
  B.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  C.   Bess Truman
  D.   Helen Taft

7. What first lady made a cameo appearance on The Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1975?
  A.   Betty Ford
  B.   Pat Nixon
  C.   Rosalynn Carter
  D.   Lady Bird Johnson

8. What first lady was cross-eyed?
  A.   Ellen Arthur
  B.   Lucretia Garfield
  C.   Florence Harding
  D.   Julia Grant

9. Which first lady was noted in Washington for her "little red book" in which she listed her and her husband's enemies?
  A.   Florence Harding
  B.   Julia Tyler
  C.   Mary Todd Lincoln
  D.   Martha Washington

10. In the May, 1995 issue of "Outlaw Biker" magazine, who was selected as "First Lady of the Century?"
  A.   Betty Ford
  B.   Nancy Reagan
  C.   Barbara Bush
  D.   Rosalynn Carter®   

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