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Trivia Quiz - The Beatles Basics

Easy trivia quiz on the Fab Four. I love the Beatles! -trickymutha

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Date Submitted: March 09, 2007
Quiz Categories: The Beatles
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: trickymutha
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The Beatles Basics
(Image Source: The Beatles)

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1. The Beatles hailed from what city in England?
  A.   London
  B.   Manchester
  C.   Liverpool
  D.   Bolton

2. John Lennon's middle name before he married Yoko Ono was:
  A.   Frederick
  B.   Daniel
  C.   Winston
  D.   Edward

3. Paul McCartney was born in what month?
  A.   January
  B.   December
  C.   March
  D.   June

4. On which of the following Lennon/McCartney songs did George Harrison sing lead vocals?
  A.   "I Call Your Name"
  B.   "Let It Be"
  C.   "Do You Want To Know A Secret?"
  D.   "I Am The Walrus"

5. Ringo Starr's real name is:
  A.   Richard Starkey
  B.   Ringo Starr
  C.   Benny Starr
  D.   Paul Westhead

6. The Beatles first full length movie was called:
  A.   "Help!"
  B.   "Let It Be"
  C.   "Yellow Submarine"
  D.   "A Hard Day's Night"

7. What famous guitarist played lead on a song on the Beatle's White Album?
  A.   Slash
  B.   Chet Atkins
  C.   Eric Clapton
  D.   Jimi Hendrix

8. John Lennon appeared in what movie in 1966?
  A.   "What's Up Pussycat?"
  B.   "Goldfinger"
  C.   "Head"
  D.   "How I Won The War"

9. Paul McCartney was once engaged to:
  A.   Twiggy
  B.   Jane Asher
  C.   Yoko Ono
  D.   Linda Rondstadt

10. In the movie "Let it Be," the Beatles played an impromptu concert where?
  A.   on a Streetcorner
  B.   on the rooftop of a studio
  C.   on Abbey Road
  D.   at Buckingham Palace, for the Queen of England®   

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