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Trivia Quiz - The New Deal of the 1930s

How well do you know the New Deal, President Roosevelt's plan to bring the United States out of the Great Depression?

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Date Submitted: May 18, 2013
Quiz Categories: American History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
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The New Deal of the 1930s
(Image Source: The New Deal)

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1. Which of the following events ultimately resulted in an increase to overall farm income?
  A.   Roosevelt's AAA
  B.   the work of the CCC
  C.   farmers' adherence to voluntary production quotas
  D.   a drought in the Plains states

2. This program employed many workers and made well-planned permanent improvements.
  A.   Civil Works Administration
  B.   Public Works Administration
  C.   National Recovery Administration
  D.   Tennessee Works Administration

3. Franklin Roosevelt generally preferred what type of programs to ease personal distress?
  A.   work
  B.   charity
  C.   volunteer
  D.   a combination of work and government subsidy

4. What insurance corporation did President FDR evelop?
  A.   Geico
  B.   American Insurance
  C.   Blackholm Insurance
  D.   FDIC

5. How did Franklin Roosevelt address labor issues such as child labor and the eight hour work day?
  A.   through the taxing of business owners who violated fair labor practices.
  B.   through the NRA's work in establishing codes of fair practice.
  C.   through the efforts of Harold Ickes, the secretary of labor.
  D.   Roosevelt did not address these politically volatile issues.

6. President Franklin Roosevelt started what department that is still around today?
  A.   Public Works Administration
  B.   Class A Works
  C.   Privates Works Adminstration
  D.   Civilian Works Corps

7. The largest of the New Deal's programs took place in Tennessee River Valley. What was its purpose?
  A.   made barges
  B.   made tugboats
  C.   made dams
  D.   rerouted rivers

8. What was the "Hundred Days" in FDR's presidency?
  A.   last Hundred Days that Roosevelt was in office
  B.   Roosevelt's first hundred days in office
  C.   days during which Roosevelt pushed 15 major proposals through Congress
  D.   the amount of time it took for the unemployment level to drop after Roosevelt took office

9. The Tennessee Valley Authority united industry, forestry, agriculture, and flood prevention for what purpose?
  A.   to improve living conditions in the Tennessee River Valley.
  B.   to prove that several agencies could work together to plan and improve an area.
  C.   to provide cheap public power
  D.   all of the above

10. How did Franklin Roosevelt attempt to stabilize the price of commodities and thus aid farmers?
  A.   by restoring laissez-faire business practices and allowing natural competition to regulate prices
  B.   through massive aid to large corporate farms
  C.   by making short-term loans to farmers and organizing farm cooperatives
  D.   through regulation and centralized planning designed to stabilize prices®   

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