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Trivia Quiz - Former Capital Cities

As with many things in life, some capital cities have changed. Try your knowledge of the capital cities that are no longer the capital.

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Date Submitted: November 03, 2019
Quiz Categories: Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Former Capital Cities

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1. Before Washington D.C., what was the capital city of the U.S.A.?
  A.   New York
  B.   Boston
  C.   Philadelphia
  D.   Concord

2. Before Canberra was designated the capital of Australia, where was the capital?
  A.   Sydney
  B.   Melbourne
  C.   Brisbane
  D.   Adelaide

3. What was the capital city of India before Delhi?
  A.   Agra
  B.   Bombay
  C.   Calcutta
  D.   Benares

4. What was the capital city of Egypt before Cairo?
  A.   Thebes
  B.   Giza
  C.   Luxor
  D.   Alexandria

5. What city was the capital of Japan before Tokyo?
  A.   Sapporo
  B.   Yokohama
  C.   Kyoto
  D.   Okinawa

6. What was the former capital of England?
  A.   Birmingham
  B.   Winchester
  C.   Canterbury
  D.   Southampton

7. Before it became Edinburgh, what was the capital city of Scotland?
  A.   Perth
  B.   Glasgow
  C.   Dundee
  D.   Skye

8. What was the capital city of China before Beijing?
  A.   Shanghai
  B.   Hong Kong
  C.   Nanking
  D.   Shenzhen

9. Before Madrid, what was the capital city of Spain?
  A.   Barcelona
  B.   Toledo
  C.   Seville
  D.   Valencia

10. Before Wellington, what was the capital city of New Zealand?
  A.   Christchurch
  B.   Dunedin
  C.   Rotorua
  D.   Auckland®   

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