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Trivia Quiz - Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls attracts millions of people each year to view its spectacular sights. Test your knowledge of this North American icon.

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Date Submitted: April 12, 2019
Quiz Categories: Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Niagara Falls

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1. Niagara Falls is made up of three major waterfalls, the largest being?
  A.   Angel Falls
  B.   Horseshoe Falls
  C.   American Falls
  D.   Bridal Veil Falls

2. The falls are separated by two islands which have what names?
  A.   Gopher and Hourglass
  B.   Bear and Skull
  C.   Beaver and Hero
  D.   Goat and Luna

3. The Niagara River that creates the falls drains from what Great Lake to which other Great Lake?
  A.   Erie into Ontario
  B.   Michigan into Superior
  C.   Ontario into Erie
  D.   Superior into Michigan

4. At its peak, approximately how much water goes over Niagara Falls every minute?
  A.   1,000,000 cubic feet
  B.   6,000,000 cubic feet
  C.   12,000,000 cubic feet
  D.   20,000,000 cubic feet

5. What color is the water going over Niagara Falls?
  A.   blue
  B.   brown
  C.   green
  D.   yellow

6. How many people have "gone over the falls" in some device?
  A.   5
  B.   15
  C.   30
  D.   42

7. On how many days per year is the Niagara Falls State Park closed?
  A.   0
  B.   2 - Good Friday and Christmas Day
  C.   12 - one day per month for maintenance
  D.   52 - every Tuesday

8. What was the name of the large shelf of rock that jutted out from Niagara Falls, giving visitors a convenient viewing platform?
  A.   Lookout Rock
  B.   Midpoint Rock
  C.   Platform Rock
  D.   Table Rock

9. Which of the following movies has not used Niagara Falls as part of its story?
  A.   Superman II
  B.   Bruce Almighty
  C.   Niagara
  D.   The 39th Parallel

10. In approximately how many years will Niagara Falls cease to exist?
  A.   10,000
  B.   20,000
  C.   50,000
  D.   100,000®   

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