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Trivia Quiz - Louisiana Fun Facts

Trivia questions about the history, geography, culture and politics of Louisiana!

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Date Submitted: March 25, 2016
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Louisiana Fun Facts
(Image Source: Louisiana Map)

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1. In what city is the main campus of Louisiana State University?
  A.   New Orleans
  B.   Monroe
  C.   Lake Charles
  D.   Baton Rouge

2. What is the capital of Louisiana?
  A.   Lafayette
  B.   Baton Rouge
  C.   New Orleans
  D.   Shreveport

3. American singer-songwriter Jerry Lee Lewis was born in Louisiana in 1935. What is his nickname?
  A.   The Killer
  B.   The King
  C.   Big Daddy
  D.   none of the above

4. What state borders Louisiana to the east?
  A.   Mississippi
  B.   Alabama
  C.   Georgia
  D.   Texas

5. What is the name of the NFL team located in New Orleans?
  A.   Falcons
  B.   Patriots
  C.   Saints
  D.   Lions

6. Who was the first female governor of Louisiana?
  A.   Jennifer Granholm
  B.   Maggie Hassan
  C.   Nikki Haley
  D.   Kathleen Blanco

7. What infamous hurricane brought New Orleans to its knees in 2005?
  A.   Hurricane Katrina
  B.   Hurricane Betsy
  C.   Hurricane Hugo
  D.   Hurricane Camille

8. What is the official nickname of the state of Louisiana?
  A.   Magnolia State
  B.   Pelican State
  C.   Sunshine State
  D.   Ocean State

9. From 2009-2012, the A&E Network produced a show about the day to day operations of Vexcon, an extermination company located in Benton, LA. What was the name of the show?
  A.   Extermination 101
  B.   The Adventures of Vexcon
  C.   Billy the Exterminator
  D.   none of the above

10. What president arranged for the U.S. to purchase the Louisiana Territories from Napoleon of France in 1803?
  A.   John Adams
  B.   Thomas Jefferson
  C.   James Monroe
  D.   John Quincy Adams®   

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