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Trivia Quiz - The Andy Griffith Show: The Fun Girls

Questions about "The Fun Girls" on the Andy Griffith Show!

Quiz Number: 5583
Date Submitted: January 22, 2016
Quiz Categories: The Andy Griffith Show
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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The Andy Griffith Show The Fun Girls
(Image Source: The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club)

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1. Who sardonically nicknamed the pair of fun-loving blonde bachelorettes as the "The Fun Girls"?
  A.   Thelma Lou
  B.   Helen
  C.   Aunt Bee
  D.   Opie

2. Skippy incessantly called Barney by what incorrect name?
  A.   Benny
  B.   Bernie
  C.   Buddy
  D.   Billy

3. How many times did "The Fun Girls" make an appearance on The Andy Griffith Show?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

4. Daphne routinely called Andy by what affectionate nickname?
  A.   Sweetie
  B.   Honey
  C.   Cutie
  D.   Doll

5. "The Fun Girls" hailed from what town?
  A.   Mayberry
  B.   Raleigh
  C.   Mt. Pilot
  D.   Charlotte

6. In "Barney Mends a Broken Heart," Barney attempts to hook Andy up with Daphne, one of "The Fun Girls." Andy ends up getting a black eye from Daphne's boyfriend. What is the name of the cafe where all this takes place?
  A.   Ruby's Diner
  B.   Mayberry Diner
  C.   Tip Top Cafe
  D.   non of the above

7. In the episode, "Fun Girls," who ends up pairing up with the girls by the end of the evening?
  A.   Goober and Howard
  B.   Goober and Floyd
  C.   Gomer and Goober
  D.   Gomer and Howard

8. In "The Arrest of the Fun Girls," the girls deliberately get arrested so that they can spend time with Andy and Barney. What did they do to get arrested?
  A.   parking in front of a fire hydrant
  B.   breaking a window in the courthouse
  C.   jay walking
  D.   speeding

9. Skippy tells Daphne that sons of cops usually end up being what?
  A.   cops
  B.   gangsters
  C.   lawyers
  D.   tramps

10. Both of "The Fun Girls" had what colored hair?
  A.   blonde
  B.   brunette
  C.   red
  D.   none of the above®   

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