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Trivia Quiz - ABBA - Swedish Super Group

More questions on the Swedish group that ruled the international music charts in the 1970s and early 1980s.

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Date Submitted: March 30, 2015
Quiz Categories: Music, Pop Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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ABBA  Swedish Super Group
(Image Source: ABBA Rock Band)

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1. Which member of ABBA was not born in Sweden?
  A.   Agnetha
  B.   Anna-Frid
  C.   Benny
  D.   Bjorn

2. What was the first album ABBA released in 1973?
  A.   Ring, Ring
  B.   Waterloo
  C.   Honey, Honey
  D.   Mamma Mia

3. What song did ABBA sing to win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974?
  A.   Take a Chance
  B.   Winner Takes It All
  C.   SOS
  D.   Waterloo

4. ABBA released their final album in 1981. What was the name of it?
  A.   Super Trouper
  B.   The Visitors
  C.   Voulez-Vous
  D.   Arrival

5. The name "ABBA" also means what in Sweden?
  A.   a sporting goods company
  B.   awful sound
  C.   heavenly
  D.   a canned fish company

6. What was ABBA's most popular single?
  A.   Dancing Queen
  B.   Mamma Mia
  C.   Fernando
  D.   Waterloo

7. Apart from their glamor, what was the other interesting aspect of ABBA's costumes?
  A.   They were eventually donated to Swedish charities.
  B.   They were created to be tax deductions.
  C.   The King of Sweden had the male outfits reproduced for himself.
  D.   Green was never used in the design.

8. What was ABBA's first number one hit in the USA?
  A.   Dancing Queen
  B.   Mama Mia
  C.   Take A Chance on Me
  D.   Money, Money

9. When an ABBA special was shown on Australian TV in 1976, this program achieved higher ratings than what event?
  A.   The opening of the Sydney Opera House
  B.   The 1972 Munich Games massacre
  C.   The 1969 moon landing
  D.   The opening of the Melbourne Olympics in 1956

10. Who is the youngest member of ABBA?
  A.   Benny
  B.   Agnetha
  C.   Frida
  D.   Bjorn®   

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