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Trivia Quiz - The Munsters Special Guests

The Munsters was a comedy classic from the 1960s that also had an array of special guests. Choose the guest below from each of the ten memorable episodes of The Munsters.

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Date Submitted: January 19, 2015
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The Munsters Special Guests

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1. Who was the Batman villain who played the role of Fair Deal Dan in The Munsters episode "Herman, the Tire Kicker"?
  A.   Burgess Meredith
  B.   Cesar Romero
  C.   Victor Buono
  D.   Frank Gorshin

2. Which comedy star played the role of Dr Dudley in a number of The Munsters episodes?
  A.   Mel Brooks
  B.   Paul Lynde
  C.   Eddie Albert
  D.   Don Knotts

3. Which well-known star of 1960s TV played the role of John in The Munsters episode of "Herman's Sorority Caper"?
  A.   Ken Osmond
  B.   Ken Berry
  C.   Ken Curtis
  D.   Ken Weatherwax

4. Which Blazing Saddles star took the role of Dr Dudley in The Munsters episode of "Just Another Pretty Face"?
  A.   Gene Wilder
  B.   Slim Pickens
  C.   Dom DeLuise
  D.   Harvey Korman

5. Which star of The Love Boat appeared as Paul Newmar in The Munsters episode of "Sleeping Cutie"?
  A.   Gavin McLeod
  B.   Bernie Kopell
  C.   Fred Grandy
  D.   Ted Lange

6. Which saturnine actor appeared as Herman's boss of the funeral home in The Munsters episode "Herman's Raise"?
  A.   Jack Elam
  B.   Vincent Price
  C.   Boris Karloff
  D.   John Carradine

7. In The Munsters episode of "Family Portrait" which star from the Carol Burnett Show played the role of Lenny Bates?
  A.   Harvey Korman
  B.   Lyle Waggoner
  C.   Dick Van Dyke
  D.   Tim Conway

8. Which manic comedian played the role of Doc Happy Havemeyer in The Munsters episode of "Dance With Me, Herman"?
  A.   Frank Gorshin
  B.   Frank Fontaine
  C.   Don Rickles
  D.   Jerry Lewis

9. Which star from Lost in Space played the role of Googie Miller in The Munsters episode of "Come Back, Little Googie"?
  A.   Guy Williams
  B.   Bill Mumy
  C.   Mark Goddard
  D.   Jonathan Harris

10. Which 1960s baseball manager played himself in The Munsters episode entitled "Herman the Rookie"?
  A.   Casey Stengel
  B.   Yogi Berra
  C.   Leo Durocher
  D.   Herman Franks®   

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