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Trivia Quiz - Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns Football History & Facts

Trivia questions about Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns football history and facts.

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Date Submitted: September 05, 2014
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Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin Cajuns Football History  Facts
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1. What are the official colors of the Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns?
  A.   green and yellow
  B.   vermilion (red) and white
  C.   orange and silver
  D.   purple, teal and silver

2. Cajun Field is a football stadium located in the city of Lafayette, Louisiana and is the home field of the Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns. What is its nickname?
  A.   The Bayou
  B.   The Factory
  C.   The Rock
  D.   The Swamp

3. What is the mascot of the Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns?
  A.   Jeff
  B.   Cayenne
  C.   Rajin' Man
  D.   Secret Agent Man

4. The Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns football played in the New Orleans Bowl for three consecutive years from 2011-2013. Which of the following teams did they not beat in that bowl during that streak?
  A.   Tulsa Golden Hurricane
  B.   San Diego St. Aztecs
  C.   East Carolina Pirates
  D.   Tulane Green Wave

5. What is the name of the Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns marching band?
  A.   Marching Cajuns
  B.   Pride of the South
  C.   Pride of Acadiana
  D.   Cajun Hundred

6. Each year, students gather on campus before the first home football game for Louisiana–Lafayette’s biggest pep rally of the year. What is the name of the pep rally?
  A.   Bayou Binge
  B.   Cajun Chicken
  C.   Love Fest
  D.   Ragin’ Roar

7. The Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns football team have a rivalry with what team commonly known as the Battle on the Bayou?
  A.   Southeastern Louisiana Lions
  B.   McNeese State Cowboys
  C.   Lamar Cardinals
  D.   Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks

8. In what football conference did the Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns compete from 1996-2000?
  A.   Division I-A Independent
  B.   Big West Conference
  C.   Big Sky Conference
  D.   Southland Conference

9. Ragin' Cajun cornerback Dwight "Bill" Bentley played for the Louisiana-Lafayette football team from 2008-2011 and was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2012 NFL draft by what team?
  A.   Denver Broncos
  B.   Detroit Lions
  C.   Oakland Raiders
  D.   Minnesota Vikings

10. Who did the Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns hire as their head football coach in 2011?
  A.   Alice Cooper
  B.   Tommy Hudspeth
  C.   Mark Hudspeth
  D.   Nelson Stokley®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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