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Trivia Quiz - Toronto: Canadian Cultural & Financial Giant

Trivia questions about the historical, cultural and geographical aspects of the Canadian city of Toronto. Toronto sports and celebrities too!

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Date Submitted: August 10, 2014
Quiz Categories: Canadian History, North American Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Toronto Canadian Cultural  Financial Giant
(Image Source: Toronto Skyline @ Toronto Official Web Site)

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1. Toronto sits on the northwestern shore of what Great Lake?
  A.   Erie
  B.   Huron
  C.   Michigan
  D.   Ontario

2. What is the name of the Major League Baseball team that makes their home in Toronto?
  A.   Orioles
  B.   Blue Jays
  C.   Mud Hens
  D.   Cardinals

3. The history of Toronto began in the late 18th century and, in 1834, it officially became a city. What was the settlement called prior to 1834?
  A.   York
  B.   London
  C.   Scarborough
  D.   Yonge

4. What is the tallest freestanding structure in Toronto?
  A.   CN Tower
  B.   Toronto City Hall
  C.   First Canadian Place
  D.   Trump International Hotel and Tower

5. Toronto is the capital city of what Canadian province?
  A.   Manitoba
  B.   Quebec
  C.   Ontario
  D.   Nova Scotia

6. Which sport has its hall of fame located in Toronto?
  A.   baseball
  B.   basketball
  C.   football
  D.   hockey

7. In the early 1900s, wealthy businessman Sir Henry Pellatt built a grand mansion on 5 acres in downtown Toronto. What is the name of "Canada's Castle" that today is a popular tourist attraction?
  A.   Braehead
  B.   Casa Loma
  C.   Euclid Hall
  D.   Oaklands

8. What controversial Toronto mayor was the subject of a number of personal and work-related controversies during his administration from 2010-2014?
  A.   Rob Ford
  B.   David Miller
  C.   John Tory
  D.   Norm Kelly

9. What Canadian rock group has its roots in Toronto and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013?
  A.   The Tragically Hip
  B.   Rush
  C.   Nickelback
  D.   Glass Tiger

10. Which of the following celebrity actor/comedians hails from Toronto?
  A.   Mike Myers
  B.   Jim Carrey
  C.   Dave Foley
  D.   all of the above®   

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