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Trivia Quiz - Jack Cassidy: Stage, Screen and Television Star

Quiz Number: 5119
Date Submitted: September 23, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies, Television Stars, TV Dramas
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
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Quiz is about: Jack Cassidy

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Jack Cassidy Stage Screen and Television Star
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1. Which one of Jack Cassidy's sons was a teen singing idol in the early 1970's ?
  A.   Robert Cassidy
  B.   David Cassidy
  C.   James Cassidy
  D.   William Cassidy

2. Which one of Jack's other sons had a starring role in the Tv series 'The Hardy Boys Mysteries' from 1977-79 ?
  A.   Robert Cassidy
  B.   William Cassidy
  C.   Shaun Cassidy
  D.   David Cassidy

3. In which U.S. state was Jack Cassidy born ?
  A.   California
  B.   Florida
  C.   Washington
  D.   New York

4. Jack appeared no less than three times as a murderer on which popular detective series of the 1970's ?
  A.   Kojak
  B.   Columbo
  C.   McMillan & Wife
  D.   Ironside

5. Cassidy had a villainous role in which 1975 Clint Eastwood film?
  A.   Magnum Force
  B.   The Outlaw Josey Wales
  C.   Dirty Harry
  D.   The Eiger Sanction

6. Cassidy was a highly successful musical performer on Broadway and won a Tony award for which production ?
  A.   Wish You Were Here
  B.   Shangri-La
  C.   She Loves Me
  D.   Fade Out - Fade In

7. Cassidy was married from 1956-1974 to which famous actress?
  A.   Britt Ekland
  B.   Shirley Jones
  C.   Barbara Eden
  D.   Terri Garr

8. In 1971, Cassidy was a guest star on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', appearing as which character's brother?
  A.   Lou Grant
  B.   Murray Slaughter
  C.   Ted Baxter
  D.   Gordy Howard

9. Cassidy was nominated for an Emmy for his performance in this 1970 Tv movie, an adaptation of a broadway hit.
  A.   The Silent Gun
  B.   The Old Man Who Cried Wolf
  C.   The Young Country
  D.   The Andersonville Trial

10. Jack Cassidy died at the rather young age of 49. What were the circumstances of his death in 1976?
  A.   Automobile accident
  B.   Victim of a shooting
  C.   Killed in a fire in his home
  D.   Airplane crash®   

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