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Trivia Quiz - Lucille Ball: A Classic Queen of Comedy

How much do you know about that wacky redhead!

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Quiz is about: Lucille Ball

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Lucille Ball A Classic Queen of Comedy
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1. What tragedy befell Lucille Ball when she was 4 years old?
  A.   Her mother died
  B.   Her father died
  C.   Her house burned down
  D.   She almost died

2. Lucille Ball's real last name was:
  A.   Carmichael
  B.   McGillicuddy
  C.   Ball
  D.   Smith

3. Lucille Ball's natural hair color was:
  A.   Red
  B.   Black
  C.   Blond
  D.   Brown

4. Lucille Ball's hometown (where thousands attend the annual "Lucy Festival" each August) was:
  A.   Modesto, CA
  B.   Jamestown, NY
  C.   Kansas City, MO
  D.   Toledo, OH

5. Why was Lucy fired from the Walgreens' soda fountain as a young girl?
  A.   She called a regular customer a "Soda Jerk".
  B.   She kept forgetting to put bananas in the banana splits.
  C.   She lost the key to the shop.
  D.   She couldn't balance the triple scoop.

6. Lucille Ball was once sent home from New York City's John Murray Anderson-Robert Milton Drama School because the instructors thought she was:
  A.   too tall
  B.   too shy
  C.   cross-eyed
  D.   pigeon-toed

7. Who else was in Lucille Ball's Drama School?
  A.   Elizabeth Taylor
  B.   Donna Reed
  C.   Lauren Bacall
  D.   Bette Davis

8. What was Lucille Ball's career before she was an actress?
  A.   Singer
  B.   Dancer
  C.   Model
  D.   Clown

9. For her part in the 1933 film "Roman Scandals", Lucille Ball needed to have her eyebrows shaved off. What was unusual about this?
  A.   They turned into a mono-brow.
  B.   The grew back white.
  C.   She could never raise them again.
  D.   They never grew back.

10. TV Guide named Lucille Ball the "Greatest TV Star of All Time." How many major awards did she win?
  A.   6
  B.   11
  C.   26
  D.   37®   

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