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Trivia Quiz - Non-Profit Group Founders

See how nuch you know about the founders of these non-profit organizations.

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Date Submitted: June 23, 2006
Quiz Categories: Business
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: catherine
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Non Profit Group Founders
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1. What boy's organization was founded by Daniel Carter Beard in 1906?
  A.   Boys Town
  B.   Boy Scouts Of America
  C.   Boy's Club
  D.   Campfire USA

2. What senior citizen's organization was founded by Maggie Kuhn in 1970?
  A.   Senior Citizens
  B.   Senior Matchmaking
  C.   Gray Panthers
  D.   The Council on Aging

3. What boys organization did Father Edward Flanagan found in 1917?
  A.   Boys Town
  B.   Boy Scouts Of America
  C.   Boy's Club
  D.   Campfire USA

4. What black organization did William Edward Burghardt Dubois found in 1911?
  A.   United Negro College Fund
  B.   National Urban League
  C.   Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
  D.   NAACP

5. What organization was founded by Clara Burton in 1881?
  A.   YMCA
  B.   Amnesty International
  C.   American Red Cross
  D.   American Legion

6. What girls organization did Juliette Gordon Lowe found in 1910?
  A.   Girl Scouts of America
  B.   Campfire Girls
  C.   Pioneer Club
  D.   GEMS

7. What animal's rights group did William Dutcher found in 1910 in New York City?
  A.   Audubon Society
  B.   The Humane Society
  C.   People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  D.   Friends of Animals

8. What global organization was founded by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 to assist Third World Countries worldwide?
  A.   Feed The Children
  B.   International League of Human Rights
  C.   Catholic Relief Services
  D.   Peace Corps

9. What human rights organization was founded in 1961 by British lawyer Peter Benenson and Quaker Eric Baker?
  A.   Human Rights Watch
  B.   Amnesty International
  C.   Human Rights Campaign
  D.   International League of Human Rights

10. What is the world's largest charitable organization?
  A.   Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  B.   Peace Corps
  C.   ChildVoice International
  D.   Big Brothers Big Sisters of America®   

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