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Trivia Quiz - Rumpole of the Bailey - Basic Facts

Ten questions about the heroic Rumpole who never pleads guilty (except once).

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Date Submitted: September 09, 2012
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Author: grant228
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Rumpole of the Bailey  Basic Facts

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1. What is the wine bar which has consumed much of Rumpole's refreshers?
  A.   Fauntleroys
  B.   Castleroys
  C.   Pommeroys
  D.   Hemmingways

2. Which villainous London crime family has relied on Rumpole to get them out of trouble many times?
  A.   Stimson
  B.   Thomson
  C.   Manson
  D.   Timson

3. How did Rumpole acquire his battered old wig?
  A.   He bought it 2nd hand from an ex-Chief Justice of Tonga.
  B.   He found it wedged in the drawer of his writing desk.
  C.   It was passed on to him by his father-in-law, C.H. Wystan.
  D.   He bought it from a Saville Row tailor.

4. Going by the number of times he quotes him, who is Rumpole's favourite poet?
  A.   Keats
  B.   Shelley
  C.   Byron
  D.   Wordsworth

5. Renowned for his love of a heart-starting claret, which of the following expressions has Rumpole not used to describe his evening tipple?
  A.   It's been through the horse twice
  B.   Chateau Thames Embankment
  C.   Chateau Fleet Street
  D.   Cooking claret

6. With which of the following judges has Rumpole not crossed judicial swords?
  A.   Justice Vosper
  B.   Justice Bullingham
  C.   Justice Ballard
  D.   Justice Oliphant

7. By what literary name does Rumpole refer to Phyllida Erskine-Brown?
  A.   Cassandra
  B.   Minerva
  C.   Portia
  D.   Diana

8. Rumpole's wife, Hilda has a friend with what bird's name as a first name?
  A.   Robin
  B.   Pigeon
  C.   Puffin
  D.   Dodo

9. What is the famous judicial reference to which Rumpole often refers in his cases?
  A.   Habeas Corpus
  B.   The Golden Thread
  C.   The Right to Silence
  D.   Innocent until proven guilty

10. Unlike many others of the legal fraternity, to what does Rumpole often raise his glass?
  A.   law
  B.   the criminal classes
  C.   the presumption of innocence
  D.   crime®   

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