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Trivia Quiz - Tim Allen Essentials

One of the best known comics around.

Quiz Number: 448
Date Submitted: May 29, 2006
Quiz Categories: Comedians, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dave
Average Score: 55.6 percent
Times Taken: 307 times
Taken by Registered Users: 47
Quiz is about: Tim Allen

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Tim Allen Essentials
(Image Source: Tim Allen)

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1. What tragic event occurred in Tim Allen's youth?
  A.   His mother died of cancer
  B.   His father was hit and killed by a drunk driver
  C.   His sister ran away from home and was never heard from
  D.   His dog was poisoned

2. Where was Tim Allen born?
  A.   Florida
  B.   Michigan
  C.   Ohio
  D.   Colorado

3. Was was Tim's real last name?
  A.   Burton
  B.   Allen
  C.   Dick
  D.   Vandercamp

4. From what college did Tim graduate?
  A.   Western Michigan University
  B.   Wayne State University (Detroit)
  C.   The Stanslovsky method acting school
  D.   Michigan State

5. Where did Tim Allen start his stand up comic career?
  A.   New York
  B.   Colorado
  C.   Los Angelos
  D.   Detroit

6. Whose voice did Tim Allen play in the hit movie "Toy Story?"
  A.   Allen
  B.   Mr. Potato Head
  C.   Buzz Lightyear
  D.   Woody

7. What was the first "Christmas movie" in which Tim starred?
  A.   "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
  B.   "A Christmas Carol"
  C.   "Christmas With the Kranks"
  D.   "The Santa Clause"

8. Tim's favorite subject in high school was:
  A.   Shop
  B.   Math
  C.   English
  D.   Science

9. What actress plays Tim's wife in the film, "Joe Somebody?"
  A.   Kelly Preston
  B.   Kelly Lynch
  C.   Diane Keaton
  D.   Kim Basinger

10. On the sitcom "Home Improvement", what was Tim's character's nickname?
  A.   Big Tim
  B.   The Tool Man
  C.   The Toolinator
  D.   Tool Time®   

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