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Trivia Quiz - Joey Votto

10 questions on NL MVP 1st Baseman Joey Votto. One of the Reds greatest hitters.

Quiz Number: 4303
Date Submitted: February 12, 2012
Quiz Categories: Sports, Major League Baseball
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Joey Votto

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Joey Votto
(Image Source: Joey Votto photo credit to Keith Allison)

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1. What number doe Joey wear with the Cincinnati Reds?
  A.   13
  B.   15
  C.   17
  D.   19

2. Where was Joey born in Canada?
  A.   Alberta
  B.   Montreal
  C.   Toronto
  D.   Quebec

3. Joey was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 2nd round of what year's draft?
  A.   2001
  B.   2002
  C.   2003
  D.   2004

4. Joey struck out in his 1st major league at bat but what did he do in his 2nd career at bat?
  A.   Single
  B.   Double
  C.   Triple
  D.   Homerun

5. Who did Joey replace as the starting first baseman for the Reds?
  A.   Todd Benzinger
  B.   Hal Morris
  C.   Scott Hatteberg
  D.   Sean Casey

6. Who did Joey lose the 2008 Rookie of the Year Award to?
  A.   Geovanny Soto
  B.   Ryan Braun
  C.   Ryan Howard
  D.   Hanley Ramirez

7. In 2004, Joey broke the Red's record for most RBI's in a season by a Rookie with 84. Who held the record before Joey topped it?
  A.   Barry Larkin
  B.   Johnny Bench
  C.   Ted Klewsewski
  D.   Frank Robinson

8. Joey won the NL MVP Award in 2010. Who was the last Red to win the award before Joey?
  A.   Barry Larkin
  B.   Johnny Bench
  C.   Pete Rose
  D.   Eric Davis

9. Joey has a pet dog named after another baseball great. What is Joey's beloved pet's name?
  A.   Pete
  B.   Mickey
  C.   Maris
  D.   Reggie

10. What was Joey's father's occupation?
  A.   Actor in Commercials
  B.   Toronto Blue Jays Scout
  C.   Chef
  D.   NHL Coach®   

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