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Trivia Quiz - Oliver Winchester - American Businessman and Politician

Winchester was known for manufacturing and marketing the Winchester repeating rifle.

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Date Submitted: January 15, 2012
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Quiz is about: Oliver Winchester

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Oliver Winchester  American Businessman and Politician
(Image Source: Oliver Winchester public domain image)

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1. Winchester started as a manufacturer in New York City and New Haven, Connecticut. What did he manufacture?
  A.   gadget
  B.   clothing
  C.   general merchandise
  D.   boot

2. What company did Winchester first purchase which later became his legacy and primary focus?
  A.   Volcanic Repeating Arms Company
  B.   Colt Firearms
  C.   Henry Rifles
  D.   Brown's Ferry Armory

3. Why were the Winchester firearms not selling when Oliver Winchester first took over the company?
  A.   Lagging technology of the pistols and rifles themselves.
  B.   Small calibers used in the guns were not desirable.
  C.   Poor performance and reliablity of the cartridges.
  D.   B and C

4. What innovation was responsible for popularity of the new Winchester manufactured rifles?
  A.   The Peacemaker revlover.
  B.   The .44 caliber cartridge, with an all-brass case.
  C.   The bolt action.
  D.   A scope and scope-mount.

5. What was the first sucessful rifle that Winchester's company sold?
  A.   The Revolving Rifle, 1858.
  B.   The Henry Rifle.
  C.   The Breech-block Harrison.
  D.   The Smith and Wesson Repeater.

6. What was the Winchester Repeating Rifle Company's first rifle, manufactured in 1866?
  A.   Green Boy
  B.   Blue Boy
  C.   Yellow Boy
  D.   Red Boy

7. What term has been used to describe the effect of the Winchester rifle on the US western migration of the 1800s?
  A.   "God made all men, Winchester made them equal."
  B.   "Winchester . . . stopping savages in their tracks."
  C.   "If Custer had Winchester rifles, there would have been NO Little Bighorn."
  D.   "the gun that won the West".

8. Why didn't the US Army use Winchester rifles during the Civil War?
  A.   They were unavailable.
  B.   They did not have a big enough bullet.
  C.   The Army felt they were untested technology.
  D.   They were prone to failure when it rained.

9. What state elected Winchester to Lieutenant Governor in 1866-1867?
  A.   New York
  B.   Connecticut
  C.   Massachusetts
  D.   Wyoming

10. Winchester's son died shortly after Oliver Winchester died; what odd thing did his son's widow, Sarah Winchester, do with the her inheritance?
  A.   She became a bag lady, and carried millions of dollars around NYC.
  B.   She gave the money to the SPCA, and lived in a tenemant.
  C.   She moved to California and built a chaotic mansion to confuse spirits.
  D.   She bought thousands of shoes, and refused to wear a pair more than once.®   

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