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Trivia Quiz - The Andy Griffith Show Basics

Any old Mayberrian should be able to get these all right! -bill

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The Andy Griffith Show Basics
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1. Who raised Andy when he was a young boy?
  A.   Aunt Bee
  B.   Clara Edwards
  C.   his parents
  D.   his foster parents

2. The fictional city of Mayberry is located in what state?
  A.   Tennessee
  B.   North Carolina
  C.   South Carolina
  D.   Georgia

3. Charlene Darling had a crush on what Mayberrian?
  A.   Goober
  B.   Gomer
  C.   Warren
  D.   Andy

4. Andy tried to raise money for Opie's college tuition by running what business?
  A.   a car wash
  B.   a laundromat
  C.   a thrift shop
  D.   a grocery store

5. How many people lived in the Taylor home?
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   5

6. Who shouted, "Call the man!"?
  A.   Andy
  B.   Barney
  C.   Floyd
  D.   Gomer

7. Opie accidentally killed a bird with a:
  A.   baseball
  B.   stick
  C.   rock in a slingshot
  D.   boomerang

8. Who received a plaque, then presented it to the town of Mayberry?
  A.   Otis
  B.   Andy
  C.   Barney
  D.   Aunt Bee

9. Which one of the following was NOT a Mayberry Mayor?
  A.   Stoner
  B.   Pike
  C.   Stover
  D.   Jenkins

10. Who was the Mayberry town barber?
  A.   Al Becker
  B.   Orville Jenkins
  C.   Howard Sprague
  D.   Floyd Lawson®   

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