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Trivia Quiz - Cincinnati Bengals History & Facts

What do you know about the history of this NFL franchise? Awesome Cincinnati Bengals trivia right here!

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Date Submitted: January 07, 2012
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Cincinnati Bengals History  Facts
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1. Which of the following is not one of the official colors of the Cincinnati Bengals?
  A.   black
  B.   blue
  C.   orange
  D.   white

2. Who was the first coach of the Cincinnati Bengals when the team moved from the American Football League to the National Football League in 1970?
  A.   Paul Brown
  B.   Bill Johnson
  C.   Homer Rice
  D.   Forrest Gregg

3. What was the alma mater of Bengal great Boomer Esiason?
  A.   Ohio State Buckeyes
  B.   Wake Forest Demon Deacons
  C.   Maryland Terrapins
  D.   Kentucky Wildcats

4. Sam Wyche, the head coach of the Bengals from 1984-1991. What offensive tactic did Wyche introduce as a standard modality for the Bengals?
  A.   Air Raid Offense
  B.   No Huddle Offense
  C.   West Coast Offense
  D.   Spread Offense

5. Super Bowl XVI was played in 1982 and resulted in the Cincinnati Bengals being defeated by what team?
  A.   Philadelphia Eagles
  B.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  C.   Dallas Cowboys
  D.   San Francisco 49ers

6. The Cincinnati Bengals' mascot is a live Bengal Tiger whose name is what?
  A.   Bengie
  B.   Sam
  C.   Who Dey
  D.   Danger

7. What jersey number did Bronco great Anthony Muñoz wear?
  A.   78
  B.   79
  C.   67
  D.   57

8. What Bengal head coach lead the team to their first Super Bowl appearance in 1982?
  A.   Homer Rice
  B.   Forrest Gregg
  C.   Sam Wyche
  D.   Dave Shula

9. In what stadium did the Cincinnati Bengals play from 1970–1999?
  A.   Bengal Stadium
  B.   Paul Brown Stadium
  C.   Nippert Stadium
  D.   Riverfront Stadium

10. Super Bowl XVI was played in 1982 and resulted in the Cincinnati Bengals being defeated by what team?
  A.   San Francisco 49ers
  B.   Chicago Bears
  C.   Minnesota Vikings
  D.   Los Angeles Rams®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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