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Trivia Quiz - The Honeymooners Essentials

And away we go! I loved "The Honeymooners!" -bill

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The Honeymooners Essentials
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1. Alice's maiden name was:
  A.   Hinkley
  B.   Gibson
  C.   Jenkins
  D.   Bunton

2. The Kramdens and Nortons lived on what street?
  A.   Chauncey St.
  B.   Miles Ave.
  C.   Delphi St.
  D.   Borderline and 5th

3. What passionate line did Ralph habitually say to Alice at fade-out?
  A.   "Sweetheart, you got it all!"
  B.   "Honey, I love ya!"
  C.   "Baby, your'e the greatest!"
  D.   "There aint nobody like you, baby!"

4. What did Ralph say if he did not think something was funny?
  A.   "Keep your day job, sucka!"
  B.   "That is so funny, I forgot to laugh!"
  C.   "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk"
  D.   "Hardy-har-har-har-har"

5. Ralph was employed as a driver for what company?
  A.   The Yellow Cab Company
  B.   The Gotham Bus Company
  C.   Southeast Machinery Corp.
  D.   Sunshine Septic Cleaners

6. How did Norton make a living during the depression?
  A.   caddying
  B.   painting address signs
  C.   mowing lawns
  D.   making grave markers

7. Ralph and Ed bowl at the Acme Alley for what bowling team?
  A.   The Lightning
  B.   The Tornados
  C.   The Hurricanes
  D.   The Thunderstorms

8. Ralph expects an income tax refund from Uncle Sam in the amount of:
  A.   $69
  B.   $42
  C.   $38
  D.   $77

9. To marry Ralph, Alice gave up her job working where?
  A.   a laundromat
  B.   a factory
  C.   a candy shop
  D.   a dime store

10. In which branch of the military did Norton serve?
  A.   Army
  B.   Navy
  C.   Coast Guard
  D.   Marines®   

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