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Trivia Quiz - Iowa State Cyclones Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Iowa State Cyclones' and Iowa State Cyclones trivia!

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Date Submitted: September 01, 2011
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Iowa State Cyclones Football History  Facts
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1. What is the name of the Iowa State Cyclone mascot?
  A.   Cy
  B.   Clone
  C.   Cyclone Sam
  D.   Tornado Tim

2. What are the official colors of the Iowa State Cyclones?
  A.   silver and gold
  B.   cardinal and gold
  C.   blue and black
  D.   purple and silver

3. As of the 2011 football season, a new tradition was started at Iowa State in which a device is sounded after every touchdown, defensive stand, and other big plays. What type of device is sounded?
  A.   fog horn
  B.   Foghorn Leghorn
  C.   tornado siren
  D.   victory bell

4. Who did the Iowa State Cyclones hire as their head football coach in 2009?
  A.   Paul Rhoads
  B.   Dan McCarney
  C.   Lenny Bruce
  D.   Earle Bruce

5. What is the name of the Iowa State Cyclone fight song?
  A.   Tear 'em Up, Clones!
  B.   Fight Cyclones, Fight!
  C.   Hail to ISU
  D.   ISU Fights

6. Iowa State guard Kelechi Osemele played for the Cyclones from 2008-2011 and was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2012 NFL draft by what team?
  A.   Carolina Panthers
  B.   Baltimore Ravens
  C.   Washington Redskins
  D.   Miami Dolphins

7. In what city is Iowa State University located?
  A.   Des Moines
  B.   Ames
  C.   Iowa City
  D.   Davenport

8. What is the name of the Iowa State Cyclone marching band?
  A.   The Golden Cyclone Band
  B.   Wind of the Cyclone Band
  C.   Pride of Iowa State
  D.   Marching Cyclones

9. Against what team do the Cyclones play in a rivalry game called "Farmageddon"?
  A.   Oklahoma State Cowboys
  B.   Missouri Tigers
  C.   Kansas State Wildcats
  D.   Oklahoma Sooners

10. For the rights to what trophy do the Cyclones play their rivalry game against the Iowa Hawkeyes?
  A.   Just Some Trophy
  B.   Governor's Cup
  C.   Little Brown Jug
  D.   Cy-Hawk Trophy®   

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