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Trivia Quiz - Illinois Fighting Illini Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Illinois Fighting Illini football history and Illinois Fighting Illini trivia!

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Date Submitted: July 03, 2011
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Illinois Fighting Illini Football History  Facts
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1. What are the official colors of the Fighing Illini?
  A.   crimson and blue
  B.   blue and red
  C.   blue and orange
  D.   cardinal and green

2. Who did the Fighing Illini hire asd their head football coach in 2012?
  A.   Tim Beckman
  B.   Ron Zook
  C.   George O'Leary
  D.   Sebastian Cabot

3. What is the name of the Fighting Illini marching band?
  A.   Marching Illini
  B.   Orange Crush
  C.   Shimmering Illini
  D.   Spirit of Illini

4. The Fighting Illini play the Ohio State Buckeyes every year for the rights to the Illibuck trophy. What is the Illibuck?
  A.   marble duck
  B.   wooden turtle
  C.   wooden deer
  D.   ivory frog

5. What is the official fight song of the University of Illinois?
  A.   Oskee Wow Wow
  B.   Illinois Loyalty
  C.   Illini Pledge
  D.   Fighting Illini Ballad

6. For the rights to what trophy do the Fighting Illini play the Northwestern Wildcats?
  A.   Fremont Cannon
  B.   Land of Lincoln Trophy
  C.   Victory Bell
  D.   Paul Bunyan Trophy

7. Prior to 2008, the Fighting Illini played the Northwestern Wildcats for the rights to what trophy?
  A.   Victory Barrel
  B.   Bronze Boot
  C.   Land Grant Trophy
  D.   Sweet Sioux Tomahawk

8. Red Grange was a halfback for the Fighting Illini in the early 1920s and went on to play in the NFL. What was Grange's nickname?
  A.   The Snake
  B.   The Swamp Rat
  C.   The Galloping Ghost
  D.   The Freight Train

9. What jersey number did Hall of Fame Illini linebacker Dick Butkus wear?
  A.   50
  B.   3
  C.   19
  D.   73

10. From 1982 to 1992, the Fighting Illini went to 8 bowl games, losing all but one of them. Who did they beat in the Florida Citrus Bowl on 1-1-1990, the lone victory during that stretch?
  A.   Virginia Cavaliers
  B.   Washington State Cougars
  C.   Pittsburgh Panthers
  D.   Houston Cougars®   

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