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Trivia Quiz - Snapple: The Drink

Can you answer these questions about the facts, flavors and history of Snapple drinks?

Quiz Number: 3544
Date Submitted: November 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: Business, Food & Drink
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Snapple The Drink
(Image Source: Snapple)

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1. What company owns and manufactures Snapple?
  A.   Quaker Oats Company
  B.   Dr Pepper Snapple Group
  C.   Cadbury Schweppes
  D.   RC Cola Snapple

2. Snapple's slogan is...?
  A.   The real thing
  B.   More taste, less filling
  C.   Made from the Best Stuff on Earth
  D.   All natural, all the time

3. What's the name of "The Snapple Lady"?
  A.   Mary Marsh
  B.   Wendy Kaufman
  C.   Sandy Greenberg
  D.   Vicky Kramer

4. What reality show has "The Snapple Lady" appeared on?
  A.   Celebrity Rehab
  B.   Celebrity Fit Club
  C.   The Real World
  D.   The Surreal Life

5. What does Snapple print under their bottle caps?
  A.   Flavor facts
  B.   Interesting real facts
  C.   Recycle symbol
  D.   Ingredients

6. What rocker created a Snapple brand on NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice, called "Trop-A-Rocka Tea"?
  A.   Gene Simmons
  B.   Bret Michaels
  C.   Mark McGrath
  D.   Meatloaf

7. In which of these shows has Snapple been notably referenced?
  A.   King of Queens
  B.   Friends
  C.   30 Rock
  D.   How I Met Your Mother

8. In 2007, Snapple opened the Snapple Theater Center, in what U.S. city?
  A.   New York
  B.   Chicago
  C.   Los Angeles
  D.   Dallas

9. Which of these Snapple flavored teas has been discontinued?
  A.   Orange Ice Tea
  B.   Diet Peach Tea
  C.   Pomegranate Raspberry red tea
  D.   Southern Sweet Tea

10. In 2009, consumers brought a lawsuit against Snapple, claiming their advertising is fraudulent because Snapple claims their product is..?
  A.   all natural
  B.   better for you than water
  C.   able to give you wings
  D.   As cold as the Rockies®   

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