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Trivia Quiz - Howard Stern: Not So Shocking Factoids

This quiz includes general questions about the life and times of shock jock and radio personality, Howard Stern.

Quiz Number: 3487
Date Submitted: October 18, 2010
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, Radio
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Times Taken: 54 times
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Quiz is about: Howard Stern

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Howard Stern Not So Shocking Factoids
(Image Source: Howard Stern Photo @ Flickr)

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1. Howard Stern was born in what year?
  A.   1950
  B.   1952
  C.   1954
  D.   1956

2. What is Howard Stern's middle name?
  A.   Allan
  B.   Benjamin
  C.   Abraham
  D.   Yusef

3. From which school of higher learning did Howard Stern graduate?
  A.   New York University
  B.   Boston University
  C.   Rutgers
  D.   Boston College

4. What is the title of Howard Stern's first book?
  A.   Miss America
  B.   Miss Saigon
  C.   Pelican Nose
  D.   Sex, Drugs and Radio

5. Who played Howard Stern's wife, Alison in his 1997 film, "Private Parts"?
  A.   Maureen McCormick
  B.   Carol Alt
  C.   Mary McCormack
  D.   Betty Thomas

6. Howard Stern has what self-proclaimed nickname?
  A.   King of Pop
  B.   King of Diamonds
  C.   King of All Media
  D.   King of Radio

7. What is one of Howard Stern's favorite challenging board games?
  A.   Checkers
  B.   Backgammon
  C.   Risk
  D.   Chess

8. Howard Stern's longtime faithful newscaster and sidekick is:
  A.   Robin Meade
  B.   Robin Quivers
  C.   Robin Thicke
  D.   Robin Williams

9. What is the name of Howard Stern's second wife?
  A.   Angie Everhart
  B.   Janice Dickinson
  C.   Susan Anton
  D.   Beth Ostrosky

10. How tall is Howard Stern?
  A.   5' 11"
  B.   6' 1"
  C.   6' 5"
  D.   6' 7"®   

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