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Trivia Quiz - Pawn Stars: Big Guys, Big Deals

You can learn a lot about history and a lot about the value of historical items by tuning in to "Pawn Stars"!

Quiz Number: 3386
Date Submitted: May 06, 2010
Quiz Categories: TV Reality Shows
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Pawn Stars Big Guys Big Deals
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1. "Pawn Stars" is filmed in what western American city?
  A.   Las Vegas
  B.   Los Angeles
  C.   Reno
  D.   San Diego

2. What is the last name of the three-generation family that runs Gold & Silver Pawn Shop?
  A.   Henry
  B.   Hartley
  C.   Harrison
  D.   Halverson

3. Corey's friend, Austin Russell is employed by the shop. What is Austin's nickname?
  A.   Waldo
  B.   Chumlee
  C.   Tex
  D.   Rover

4. Rick's son's name is Corey. What is Corey's nickname?
  A.   Sonny
  B.   Main Man
  C.   Junior
  D.   Big Hoss

5. Rick's father's name is Richard. What is Richard's nickname?
  A.   Mr. Big
  B.   Number One
  C.   Founding Father
  D.   The Old Man

6. The show debuted on July 26, 2009 on what cable network?
  A.   History Channel
  B.   A&E Network
  C.   Discovery
  D.   The Learning Channel

7. Austin is a self-proclaimed expert with what type of machine?
  A.   computers
  B.   pinball machines
  C.   guitars
  D.   stereos

8. Rick says he dropped out of high school in the tenth grade because he was making how much money per week at the pawn shop?
  A.   $1,000
  B.   $2,000
  C.   $3,000
  D.   $4,000

9. What is Rick's nickname?
  A.   Number One
  B.   The Spotter
  C.   Mr. Big
  D.   Top Dog

10. Danielle Pearey is one of the shop's 30 staff people. What is her nickname?
  A.   Pearl Gurl
  B.   Dolly
  C.   Minnie
  D.   Peaches®   

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